Federal Agencies Now Hiring for Civil Service Jobs

Federal Civil Service Jobs


Thousands of open civil service positions are now available to qualified job candidates. There are over 450 major federal agencies that are now seeking new employees. A combined +200,000 job openings exist per year with  these federal agencies. On any given day, there are tens of thousands of federal civil service jobs hiring nationwide. 

The positions now available include both blue collar and white collar type jobs. Civilian job opportunities exist across a broad spectrum of skills and duties. Applications from the public are being accepted. However, in most instances, U.S. citizenship is required. 

You Can Improve Your Odds of Getting Hired 
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  • If you are new to the federal civil service application process, you will probably need help creating a high-scoring federal resume and creating a winning application package. 
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    How to Get a Federal Civil Service Job


     Below are some of the federal agencies now actively hiring. For detailed information about specific job opportunities with each agency, click on the links below.  

    Seven Keys to Getting Hired for a Federal Civil Service Position:  

    1. Knowing how to find those position vacancies for which you are best qualified and most likely to be hired. 
    2. Understanding how the federal civil service application and hiring process works (you must know the rules of the game!) 
    3. Correctly setting up your own personal USAJOBS employment account. 
    4. Knowing how to create a "high-scoring" federal resume (federal resumes are very different from corporate resumes.)
    5. Knowing which "Key Words" to use in your resume and application package.
    6. Knowing how to correctly answer "Supplemental Questions" required for many position applications. 
    7. Knowing how to "ace" a federal job interview - it helps to know what to expect and how to prepare so you outshine the other candidates. 

    Categories of Federal Civil Service Occupations and Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) Jobs.

    View a detailed list of the major categories of civilian jobs for the federal government. This list includes the federal occupational groups and the specific series within each group. 

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