Civil Service Job Categories (Federal Occupational Work Groups & Series Designators)

Categories of Federal Civil Service Occupations and Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) Jobs. Below is a list of the major categories of civilian jobs for the federal government. This list includes the federal occupational groups and the specific series within each group.

  • In the list below, the most urgent hiring needs are prefixed with an asterisk *
Department of Defense


Civil Service - Administrative Clerical Civil Service - Medical Civil Service - Accounting Finance
* Administrative & Clerical * Medical * Accounting & Finance
Civil Service - Veterinarian Civil Service - Engineering & Architecture
Civil Service - Legal 
Veterinarian * Engineering & Architecture * Legal

Civil Service - Public Affairs & Media

Civil Service - Contracting & Business Management Civil Service - Librarian
Public Affairs & Media * Contracting & Business Librarian
 Civil Service - Mathematics & Statistics  Civil Service - Facilities & Services  Civil Service - Education
* Mathematics & Statistics * Facilities & Civil Engineering * Education & Training
 Civil Service - Inspection & Safety  Civil Service - Transportation & Supply
Civil Service - Information Technology
Investigation & Safety * Transportation & Logistics * Information Technologies


 Civil Service - Industrial Trades  Civil Service - Electronics  Commissary Services
* Industrial Trades * Electronics Commissary Services


 Civil Service - Base Exchange
Civil Service - Aircraft Maintenance
 Civil Service - Shipyard Support
Base Exchange Services * Aircraft Maintenance * Shipyard Operations & Support

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