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Military Bases and Department of Defense Organizations   

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Information about business opportunities with military bases (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps) and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations across the United States. Each entry includes:

  • Overview of business opportunities at each military base / DoD organization
  • Types of products and services purchased at each base / DoD organization
  • Base / DoD organization contracting office information
  • Directory of points of contact for both prime contractors and small businesses 
Click on Links Below for Contracting Information and Assistance at Military Bases & DoD Organizations across the United States


    Doing Business with the U.S. Air Force 

    U.S. Air Force Bases

    Doing Business with the U.S. Army

    U.S. Army Base - Small Business

    Doing Business with the U.S. Navy 

    U.S. Navy Stations - Small Business Information

    Doing Business with the U.S. Marine Corps

    U.S. Marine Corps Base

    Doing Business with Department of Defense Organizations

    Department of Defense Organizations

    Doing Business with Joint Military Bases

    Joint Military Base - Small Business

                     Doing Business with the U.S. Space Force
    U.S. Space Force


    Video 1 - Six Ways to Do Business with Military (2 May 2017)

    "Six Ways to Do Business with Military Bases"

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