How to Effectively Market and Sell to the Department of Defense and Military Bases

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How to Effectively Market and Sell to the Department of Defense and Military Bases


Defense Contractor Guidebook
How to Effectively Market and Sell to the Department of Defense and Military Bases  (2017 Edition)

177 pages - eBook for Immediate Download
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Colonel John D. Thomas, U.S. Air Force (Retired)


         Colonel John D. Thomas
         U.S. Air Force (Retired)
         Defense Studies Institute

SYNOPSIS of this Guidebook:  
In order to do business with the Department of Defense (DoD), you have to know how to properly market and sell to military organizations and bases. This guidebook explains exactly how to do this. It is easy to read and straight-forward. This is the only comprehensive defense marketing and sales guidebook being published today. You need this guidebook!

This eBook includes numerous diagrams, photos, and 146 active links to important DoD and Federal Government contracting resource websites and unclassified databases.  

  How To Effectively Market and Sell to DoD and Military Bases 


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SECTION 1: Getting Started with Marketing and Selling to DoD
  - Learning How to Do Business with DoD is Time Well-Spent
  - How to Successfully Begin Doing Business with DoD
  - The Language of Defense Contracting
  - How DoD Small Business Offices Can Help You
  - Tips for Building a Good Relationship with DoD Small Business Specialists
  - Procurement Technical Assistance Centers and How They Can Help You 

SECTION 2: Where to Focus Your Efforts
  - What do the various types of Military Bases and DoD Organizations purchase on a routine Basis?
  - How to identify which DoD Organizations / Military Bases are your best prospects

SECTION 3: Methods to Sell to DoD and Military Bases
  - Small Commercially Sourced Purchases
  - Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP)
  - Micro-Purchases
  - Blanket Purchase Agreements
  - Government Sealed Bidding Procedures
  - Government Contracting by Negotiation Procedures
  - Selling through the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule
  - Selling through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  - Subcontracting with Prime DoD Contractors

SECTION 4: Marketing to DoD and Military Bases
  - DoD Sponsored “Industry Day” Outreach Events
  - Who Should You Meet with at Military Bases and DoD Organizations?
  - How to Set up and Make Office Visits with DoD Decision Makers
  - How to Give Effective Product Demos and Sales Presentations to DoD
  - How to Network within Defense Industry Associations
  - Defense Industry Associations (Master List and Contact Information)
  - Defense Industry Trade Shows
  - E-mail Marketing Tips for Defense Contractors
  - Marketing via your Company’s Profile in Government Databases

SECTION 5: Prohibited Business Activities
  - What are the Boundaries?
  - Prohibitions for Military and Federal Employees
  - Conflicts of Interest
  - Receipt of Gifts and Promotional Items
  - Constraints on Employing Former DoD Personnel
  - Disclosure of Contractor Bid or Proposal Information
  - Improper Business Practices

SECTION 6: Government Contracting - Success Strategies that Work
  - How Contract Award Debriefings Can Help You Win Government Contracts
  - The Most Important Factor Affecting Your Long-Term Success as a Defense Contractor
  - The Five Cardinal Rules for Defense Contractors

SECTION 7: DoD Contracting Reference Information
  - Important Online Resources for DoD Contractors
  - Glossary of Terms (DoD Contracting)
  - Acronyms (DoD Contracting)
  - DoD Small Business Resources
  - Federal Supply Classification (FSC) Codes
  - North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes
  - Bibliography

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