About the Defense Studies Institute

Colonel John Thomas

The Defense Studies Institute (DSI) is a professional education institution that promotes understanding of the defense industry, national security issues, and the defense contracting and acquisition process. DSI helps to match Government requirements with the technical capabilities, products, and services, of private industry.  DSI also provides insight and guidance to individuals seeking employment with the Federal civil service at military bases and with Department of Defense agencies.   


DSI Leadership:
The Defense Studies Institute is led by Colonel John D. Thomas, U.S. Air Force (Retired). He is responsible for DSI's daily operations and for orchestrating educational conferences that DSI hosts. Colonel Thomas is also the author of numerous defense contracting and Federal civil service application guidebooks.  
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Colonel John Thomas



Defense Contracting Conferences and Symposiums:

DSI hosts educational and business conferences for the Department of Defense (DoD), federal government agencies, and government contractors.  Our experienced staff orchestrates and manages educational government symposiums, conferences, workshops, and technology expositions. DSI also features DoD subject matter experts who share their knowledge and insight with participants at our events.  


Defense Contracting Guidebooks:

DSI publishes Defense Contracting Guidebooks to help companies get started with government contracting and move quickly towards becoming a successful defense contractor. Our guidebooks can shave many months, even years off your progress towards being a successful defense contractor!     

Video 1 - Six Ways to Do Business with Military (2 May 2017)

"Six Ways to Do Business with Military Bases"

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How to Get a Civil Service Job at a Military Base

DSI publishes helpful guidebooks for individuals seeking Federal civil service employment at a military base or with a Department of Defense agency.  These guidebooks provided detailed insight about the application process and how to obtain a high-scoring application score.  This guidebook also explains the formal civil service job interview process and how to do well as a job candidate and get selected for the position.  


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How to Get a Civil Service Job at a Military Base


How to Get a Civil Service Job at a Military Base
(Essential Guidebook for Obtaining a High Application Score
and Getting Hired)