Military Base Procurement Requirements (MASTER LIST)

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What do Military Bases and DoD Organizations Purchase on a Routine Basis?

The scope and size of DoD procurement activities is enormous, exceeding a half trillion dollars per year. Due to this huge scope of procurement, DoD does not have a single, comprehensive source for projections of procurement requirements. Instead, DoD procurements are normally made locally by specific military base contracting office or by a specific DoD / military agency. For this reason, acquisition and procurement forecasts are more accurately rendered at the local base or organizational level rather than at the macro level.

Factors Determining the Annual Scope of a Military Base’s / DoD Organization’s Purchase Requirements

The categories and volume of products, equipment, and services purchased by a military base (or a defense organization) depend on that base’s / organization’s mission requirements. These requirements are based on several factors. These factors are:

  • The type of operations and activities being conducted and supported.  
  • The size of the military base / DoD organization. Size includes the number of personnel, number of subordinate units, geographic size and dispersion of personnel, major systems, and facilities.  
  • The number of and complexity of the base’s / organization’s facilities. 
  • The number of and complexity of the specialized systems / equipment operated and supported (e.g., aircraft, ships, combat vehicles, computer systems, medical equipment, maintenance equipment, etc.) 
  • The base's / organization’s "Ops Tempo" or pace of operations (e.g., training exercises, deployments, operational missions, support activities, etc.). 
  • The presence of any special base / organizational projects (new military construction, modernization projects, beddown of new defense systems, activation of new, incoming military units, etc.) 

Master List of Categories of Products, Equipment, and Services  

The Department of Defense (DoD) uses Federal Supply Classification (FSC) codes and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes to identify broad categories of products, equipment, and services required to support military bases and defense organizations. When searching for new business opportunities and government solicitation announcements, you will need to know which FSC and/or NAICS codes apply to your company's unique capabilities.


Military Base Procurement Requirements 

Below are the requirements for major categories of activities and functions conducted at military bases and by DoD organizations. For each major activity is a list of those products, equipment, materials, services, etc., routinely procured to support that type of activity. The list below is not inclusive, but it does identify the most common types of operations and support activities conducted at military bases and DoD organizations.  

Click on the links below to view the various types of Products, Equipment, and Services required to support each activity. 

Aviation and Flight Operations Military Aviation Aircraft Maintenance
Land-based Military Operations Military Ground Operations Army Marine Corps
Naval Maritime Operations  Naval Military Maritime Operations
Defense Space Operations Defense Space Operations - US Air Force Space Command
Defense Cyber Operations and Military Intelligence Defense Cyber Operations Military Intelligence
Systems Maintenance (Aircraft, Ships, Vehicles, Equipment, etc.) Defense Systems Maintenance (aircraft, ships, vehicles, defense systems)
Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Transportation Military Supply, Transportation, Logistics
Military Training and Education Defense Education Military Training
Civil Engineering and Facilities Support Military Civil Engineering Base Facilities Construction
Communications and Information Technology Military Base Requirements: (Communications and IT)
Medical  Medical (Hospitals, On-base Clinics, Medical Support Activities)
Research and Development Military Defense Research and Development Contracting

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