How to Successfully Bid on Contracts at Military Bases

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How to Successfully Bid on Contracts at Military Bases


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How to Successfully Bid on Contracts at Military Bases  (2018 Edition) 

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Colonel John D. Thomas, U.S. Air Force (Retired)


         Colonel John D. Thomas
         U.S. Air Force (Retired)
         Defense Studies Institute

SYNOPSIS of this Guidebook:  
This guidebook shows you how to submit successful bids, write winning proposals, and win small business contracts with military bases and the Department of Defense. This is the best and most comprehensive Government contracting guidebook available. If you are serious about doing business with the military, you’ll want this guidebook!

This guidebook includes numerous diagrams, photos, and 84 active links to Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Government websites and unclassified databases (which you are authorized to use and will be of tremendous help to you with winning Government contracts.)  

 How to Successfully Bid on Contracts at Military Bases  


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SECTION 1: How to Quickly Get Started with Defense Contracting

- Vast Opportunities for Small Businesses with Defense Contracting
- Eight Essential Steps to Becoming a Defense Contractor
- How to Register as a Federal Government Contractor
- How to Qualify as a “Responsible” Government Contractor
- Six Ways to Do Business with the Military

SECTION 2: How to Read and Understand Government Solicitations

- Government Solicitations
- Types of Government Solicitations
- The Language of Government Contracting
- Using FedBizOpps to Find Government Solicitations
- How to Read and Understand a Government Solicitation
- Pay Close Attention to the Solicitation’s Award Criteria

SECTION 3: Successful Contract Bidding Strategies

- Sealed Bidding Procedures
- How Sealed Bids Are Evaluated
- Who Receives the Award of the Contract?
- Characteristics of a Successful Bid

SECTION 4: Writing a Winning Government Contract Proposal

- Government Contracting by Negotiation Procedures
- How the Government Evaluates Proposals
- Types of Negotiated Contracts
- The Role of “Price” in the Contract’s Award
- Know the Difference between “Lowest Price - Technically Acceptable” versus “Best Value”
- How to Identify RFPs your Company Cannot Win
- Find and Use an Experienced Government Proposal Development Consultant
- Key Actions to Take for Developing a Winning Government Proposal
- Provide Evidence of your Company’s Capabilities and Qualifications
- Present a Low-Risk Solution
- Know your Competitors
- How to Use Government Estimates and Historical Price Data
- Explain how your Company will Deal with Problems that Might Arise
- Develop a “Cost Model” Strategy to Win Defense Contracts
- Don’t Procrastinate Developing a Proposal
- Include Sufficient Technical Detail
- Carefully Proofread your Proposals
- Include at Least Three Strong “Discriminators” in your Proposals
- Use Graphics in your Contract Proposals
- Create a Good Proposal Database
- Include Verifiable Facts in your Proposal
- Fully Document your Key Personnel’s Qualifications
- Government Requirements for Bid Guarantees, Bonds, and Insurance
- The Most Effective Way to Improve the Quality of your Proposals

SECTION 5: How Win Follow-on Government Contracts

- The Importance of Past Performance Metrics
- Where the Biggest Profits Are Found in Government Contracting
- Never Take Significant Action without First Consulting with your Government Contracting Representative
- Avoid Speaking on behalf of your Government Customer without Prior Authorization
- The Danger of Withholding Bad News from the Government
- Avoid Making Negative Comments about Government Employees
- Deliver what You Promise
- Government Remedies to Default by a Contractor
- The Long-Term Implications of Unsatisfactory Performance
- Be Familiar with Standards of Ethics for Government Contracting
- Avoid Improper Government Business Practices
- Make Effective Office Visits with DoD Leaders
- Make your Government Customer Look Great to their Superiors!

SECTION 6: Helpful Resources for Defense Contractors

- Five Cardinal Rules for Defense Contractors
- Important Online Resources for DoD Contractors
- Glossary of Contracting Terms
- Acronyms
- DoD Small Business Office Resources

SECTION 7: DoD Contracting Reference Information

- Important Online Resources for DoD Contractors
- Glossary of Terms (DoD Contracting)
- Acronyms (DoD Contracting)
- DoD Small Business Resources
- Federal Supply Classification (FSC) Codes
- North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes
- Bibliography

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