Table of Contents - How to Bid on Contracts at Military Bases

How to Bid on Contracts at Military Bases

Table of Contents:  

SECTION 1: How to Quickly Get Started with Defense Contracting 

- Vast Opportunities for Small Businesses with Defense Contracting 
- Eight Essential Steps to Becoming a Defense Contractor 
- How to Register as a Federal Government Contractor 
- How to Qualify as a “Responsible” Government Contractor 
- Six Ways to Do Business with the Military 

SECTION 2: Finding and Understanding Government Solicitations 

- Government Solicitations 
- Types of Government Solicitations 
- The Language of Government Contracting 
- How to Use to Find Government Solicitations 
- How to Read and Understand a Government Solicitation 
- Pay Close Attention to the Solicitation’s Award Criteria 

SECTION 3: Successful Contract Bidding Strategies 

- Sealed Bidding Procedures 
- How Sealed Bids Are Evaluated 
- Who Receives the Award of the Contract? 
- Characteristics of a Successful Bid 

SECTION 4: Writing a Winning Government Contract Proposal 

- Government Contracting by Negotiation Procedures 
- How the Government Evaluates Proposals 
- Types of Negotiated Contracts 
- The Role of “Price” in the Contract’s Award 
- Know the Difference between “Lowest Price - Technically Acceptable” versus “Best Value” 
- How to Identify RFPs your Company Cannot Win 
- Find and Use an Experienced Government Proposal Development Consultant 
- Key Actions to Take for Developing a Winning Government Proposal 
- Provide Evidence of your Company’s Capabilities and Qualifications 
- Present a Low-Risk Solution 
- Know your Competitors 
- How to Use Government Estimates and Historical Price Data 
- Explain how your Company will Deal with Problems that Might Arise 
- Develop a “Cost Model” Strategy to Win Defense Contracts 
- Don’t Procrastinate Developing a Proposal 
- Include Sufficient Technical Detail 
- Carefully Proofread your Proposals 
- Include at Least Three Strong “Discriminators” in your Proposals 
- Use Graphics in your Contract Proposals 
- Create a Good Proposal Database 
- Include Verifiable Facts in your Proposal 
- Fully Document your Key Personnel’s Qualifications 
- Government Requirements for Bid Guarantees, Bonds, and Insurance 
- The Most Effective Way to Improve the Quality of your Proposals 

SECTION 5: How Win Follow-on Government Contracts 

- The Importance of Past Performance Metrics 
- Where the Biggest Profits Are Found in Government Contracting 
- Never Take Significant Action without First Consulting with your Government Contracting Representative 
- Avoid Speaking on behalf of your Government Customer without Prior Authorization 
- The Danger of Withholding Bad News from the Government 
- Avoid Making Negative Comments about Government Employees 
- Deliver what You Promise 
- Government Remedies to Default by a Contractor 
- The Long-Term Implications of Unsatisfactory Performance 
- Be Familiar with Standards of Ethics for Government Contracting 
- Avoid Improper Government Business Practices 
- Make Effective Office Visits with DoD Leaders 
- Make your Government Customer Look Great to their Superiors! 

SECTION 6: Helpful Resources for Defense Contractors

- Five Cardinal Rules for Defense Contractors 
- Important Online Resources for DoD Contractors 
- How to Find Government Recurring Procurement Forecasts 
- Using the Federal Procurement Data System 
- Glossary of Contracting Terms 
- Acronyms (DoD Contracting) 
- DoD & Military Small Business Offices (Online Locators)

- Bibliography 


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