Military Base Requirements (Research and Development)

 Military Defense Research and Development

Military / Defense Contracting Requirements: (Research and Development Programs) 

The Department of Defense (DoD) relies upon technology development, science, and innovative engineering to maintain our nation's superiority in defense systems capabilities.  DoD is investing heavily in research and development. New technologies are being explored to include: robotics, cyber security, data sciences, biotechnologies, hypersonic engine technologies, to name just a few.  DoD is seeking out "America's brightest minds" for contribution to our national defense programs.


Major Defense Research and Development Organizations and Activities

Major Areas of Interest with Defense Research and Development  

  • Advanced Electronics
  • Air Platforms
  • Autonomous Systems 
  • Biomedical Research Evaluation and Management
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence (C4I)  
  • Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED)
  • Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (C-WMD)
  • Cyber (Information Technologies)
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)  
  • Energy and Power (E&P) Technologies
  • Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS) 
  • Ground and Sea Platforms (G&SP) 
  • Human Systems 
  • Materials & Manufacturing Processes (M&MP) 
  • Sensors and Surveillance Technology  
  • Space (Science and Technology)
  • Weapons Technologies   
  • Ocean Battlespace Environments 
  • Lower Atmosphere Battlespace Environments  
  • Terrestrial Battlespace Environments
  • Modeling and Simulation Technology
  • Force Sustainment

    The Types of Products, Equipment, and Services routinely procured from private industry to meet requirements for defense research and development programs are listed in the table below.  These products, equipment, items, and services are categorized by Federal Supply Classification (FSC) codes.  

    Federal Supply Classification Code Description
    A Research & Development
    B Special studies and analysis - (not Research & Development) 
    D Information technology services, including telecommunications services
    H Quality control, testing & inspection services
    J Maintenance, repair & rebuilding of equipment
    K Modification of equipment
    L Technical representative services
    N Installation of equipment
    R Professional, administrative, and management support services 
     T Photographic, mapping, printing, publication services
    U Education and training services 
    23 Ground effects vehicles, motor vehicles, trailers & cycles
    39 Materials handling equipment
    41 Refrigeration, air-conditioning & air circulating equipment 
    52 Measuring Tools
    66 Instruments & laboratory equipment 
    68 Chemicals & chemical products
    69 Training aids & devices
    70 General purpose information technology equipment 
    72 Household & commercial furnishings & appliances
    74 Office machines, text processing systems & visible record equipment
    75 Office supplies and devices 
    76 Books, maps & other publications 


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