Table of Contents - Marketing to DoD and to Military Bases

How to Market to DoD and to Military Bases

Table of Contents:  

SECTION 1: Getting Started with Marketing and Selling to DoD
  - Learning How to Do Business with DoD is Time Well-Spent
  - How to Successfully Begin Doing Business with DoD 
  - The Language of Defense Contracting 
  - How DoD Small Business Offices Can Help You 
  - Tips for Building a Good Relationship with DoD Small Business Specialists 
  - Procurement Technical Assistance Centers and How They Can Help You 

SECTION 2: Where to Focus Your Efforts 
  - What do the various types of Military Bases and DoD Organizations purchase on a routine Basis? 
  - How to identify which DoD Organizations / Military Bases are your best prospects 

SECTION 3: Methods to Sell to DoD and Military Bases 
  - Small Commercially Sourced Purchases 
  - Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP) 
  - Micro-Purchases 
  - Blanket Purchase Agreements 
  - Government Sealed Bidding Procedures 
  - Government Contracting by Negotiation Procedures 
  - Selling through the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 
  - Selling through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) 
  - Subcontracting with Prime DoD Contractors

SECTION 4: Marketing to DoD and Military Bases
  - DoD Sponsored “Industry Day” Outreach Events 
  - Who Should You Meet with at Military Bases and DoD Organizations? 
  - How to Set up and Make Office Visits with DoD Decision Makers 
  - How to Give Effective Product Demos and Sales Presentations to DoD 
  - How to Network within Defense Industry Associations 
  - Defense Industry Associations (Master List and Contact Information)
  - Defense Industry Trade Shows 
  - E-mail Marketing Tips for Defense Contractors 
  - Marketing via your Company’s Profile in Government Databases 

SECTION 5: Prohibited Business Activities
  - What are the Boundaries? 
  - Prohibitions for Military and Federal Employees 
  - Conflicts of Interest 
  - Receipt of Gifts and Promotional Items 
  - Constraints on Employing Former DoD Personnel 
  - Disclosure of Contractor Bid or Proposal Information 
  - Improper Business Practices 

SECTION 6: Government Contracting - Success Strategies that Work
  - How Contract Award Debriefings Can Help You Win Government Contracts 
  - The Most Important Factor Affecting Your Long-Term Success as a Defense Contractor 
  - The Five Cardinal Rules for Defense Contractors

SECTION 7: DoD Contracting Reference Information 
  - Important Online Resources for DoD Contractors 
  - Glossary of Terms (DoD Contracting) 
  - Acronyms (DoD Contracting) 
  - DoD Small Business Resources 
  - Federal Supply Classification (FSC) Codes 
  - North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes 
  - Bibliography

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How to Market to DoD and to Military Bases