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Joint Military Bases and Organizations   

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Information about small business opportunities with joint military service bases and organizations across the United States. Each entry includes:

  • Overview of small business opportunities at each joint military base and organization
  • Types of products and services purchased at each joint military base / organization
  • Base / organization contracting office information
  • Directory of points of contact at joint military bases and organizations for small businesses 

Joint Military Bases and Units
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Video 1 - Six Ways to Do Business with Military (2 May 2017)

"Six Ways to Do Business with Military Bases"

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The Wait Can Be Long!
Often the waiting list to get into see a Small Business Specialist at a military base can be long... frequently very long. And when your appointment date finally arrives, you might only get a few minutes of consultation. 
Why Not Get the Help You Need Today!
You can download and use our helpful defense contracting guidebooks. They are easy to read and packed with valuable information you will find extremely helpful for doing business with the Department of Defense and with military bases.

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What Do Military Bases Purchase?
Master list of products, materials, equipment, and services routinely purchased by military bases and DoD organizations. 
Doing Business at Military Bases
Small business opportunities and points of contact at military bases and DoD agencies across the United States.
Subcontracting Opportunities
Detailed step-by-step guidance for becoming a successful subcontractor or supplier to prime defense contractors.