Detailed List of All Federal Occupational Work Groups

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has established a series of occupational groups that are used to classify the various types of civil service positions. These classifications are subdivided into more specific categories based on the subject matter of the work being performed, the level of difficulty and responsibility, and the qualification requirements needed to correctly perform the work.

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    The Federal Occupational Work Group classification system was established to ensure equitable pay and compensation for positions within an occupational group. Occupational groups have been established for both white collar and blue collar positions. The following is a list of occupational groups (bold type) and the specific series within each group. 

    White Collar (General Schedule)  


    GS-0006 Correctional Institution Administration

    GS-0007 Correctional Officer

    GS-0011 Bond Sales Promotion

    GS-0018 Safety and Occupational Health Mgt.

    GS-0019 Safety Technician

    GS-0020 Community Planning

    GS-0021 Community Planning Technician

    GS-0023 Outdoor Recreation Planning

    GS-0025 Park Ranger

    GS-0028 Environmental Protection Specialist

    GS-0029 Environmental Protection Assistant

    GS-0030 Sports Specialist

    GS-0050 Funeral Directing

    GS-0060 Chaplain

    GS-0062 Clothing Design

    GS-0072 Fingerprint Identification

    GS-0080 Security Administration

    GS-0081 Fire Protection and Prevention

    GS-0082 United States Marshal

    GS-0083 Police

    GS-0084 Nuclear Materials Courier

    GS-0085 Security Guard

    GS-0086 Security Clerical and Assistance

    GS-0090 Guide

    GS-0095 Foreign Law Specialist

    GS-0099 General Student Trainee



    GS-0101 Social Science

    GS-0102 Social Science Aid and Technician

    GS-0105 Social Insurance Administration

    GS-0106 Unemployment Insurance

    GS-0107 Health Insurance Administration

    GS-0110 Economist

    GS-0119 Economics Assistant

    GS-0130 Foreign Affairs

    GS-0131 International Relations

    GS-0132 Intelligence

    GS-0134 Intelligence Aid and Clerk

    GS-0135 Foreign Agricultural Affairs

    GS-0136 International Cooperation

    GS-0140 Workforce Research and Analysis

    GS-0142 Workforce Development

    GS-0150 Geography

    GS-0160 Civil Rights Analysis

    GS-0170 History

    GS-0180 Psychology

    GS-0181 Psychology Aid and Technician

    GS-0184 Sociology

    GS-0185 Social Work

    GS-0186 Social Services Aid and Assistant

    GS-0187 Social Services

    GS-0188 Recreation Specialist

    GS-0189 Recreation Aid and Assistant

    GS-0190 General Anthropology

    GS-0193 Archeology

    GS-0199 Social Science Student Trainee


    GS-0301 Miscellaneous Admin. and Program

    GS-0302 Messenger

    GS-0303 Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant

    GS-0304 Information Receptionist

    GS-0305 Mail and File

    GS-0309 Correspondence Clerk

    GS-0313 Work Unit Supervising

    GS-0318 Secretary

    GS-0319 Closed Microphone Reporting

    GS-0322 Clerk Typist

    GS-0326 Office Automation Clerical and Assistance

    GS-0332 Computer Operation

    GS-0335 Computer Clerk and Assistant

    GS-0340 Program Management

    GS-0341 Administrative Officer

    GS-0342 Support Services Administration

    GS-0343 Management and Program Analysis

    GS-0344 Management Clerical and Assistance

    GS-0346 Logistics Management

    GS-0347 GAO Evaluator

    GS-0350 Equipment Operator

    GS-0356 Data Transcriber

    GS-0357 Coding

    GS-0360 Equal Opportunity Compliance

    GS-0361 Equal Opportunity Assistance

    GS-0382 Telephone Operating

    GS-0390 Telecommunications Processing

    GS-0391 Telecommunications

    GS-0392 General Telecommunications

    GS-0394 Communications Clerical

    GS-0399 Administration and Office Support Student Trainee



    GS-0401 General Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences

    GS-0403 Microbiology

    GS-0404 Biological Science Technician

    GS-0405 Pharmacology

    GS-0408 Ecology

    GS-0410 Zoology

    GS-0413 Physiology

    GS-0414 Entomology

    GS-0415 Toxicology

    GS-0421 Plant Protection Technician

    GS-0430 Botany

    GS-0434 Plant Pathology

    GS-0435 Plant Physiology

    GS-0437 Horticulture

    GS-0440 Genetics

    GS-0454 Rangeland Management

    GS-0455 Range Technician

    GS-0457 Soil Conservation

    GS-0458 Soil Conservation Technician

    GS-0459 Irrigation System Operation

    GS-0460 Forestry

    GS-0462 Forestry Technician

    GS-0470 Soil Science

    GS-0471 Agronomy

    GS-0480 Fish & Wildlife Administration

    GS-0482 Fish Biology

    GS-0485 Wildlife Refuge Management

    GS-0486 Wildlife Biology

    GS-0487 Animal Science

    GS-0499 Biological Science Student Trainee



    GS-0501 Financial Administration and Program

    GS-0503 Financial Clerical and Assistance

    GS-0505 Financial Management

    GS-0510 Accounting

    GS-0511 Auditing

    GS-0512 Internal Revenue Agent

    GS-0525 Accounting Technician

    GS-0526 Tax Specialist

    GS-0530 Cash Processing

    GS-0540 Voucher Examining

    GS-0544 Civilian Pay

    GS-0545 Military Pay

    GS-0560 Budget Analysis

    GS-0561 Budget Clerical and Assistance

    GS-0570 Financial Institution Examining

    GS-0580 Credit Union Examiner

    GS-0592 Tax Examining

    GS-0593 Insurance Accounts

    GS-0599 Financial Management Student Trainee



    GS-0601 General Health Science

    GS-0602 Medical Officer

    GS-0603 Physician's Assistant

    GS-0605 Nurse Anesthetist

    GS-0610 Nurse

    GS-0620 Practical Nurse

    GS-0621 Nursing Assistant

    GS-0622 Medical Supply Aide and Technician

    GS-0625 Autopsy Assistant

    GS-0630 Dietitian and Nutritionist

    GS-0631 Occupational Therapist

    GS-0633 Physical Therapist

    GS-0635 Kinesiotherapy

    GS-0636 Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant

    GS-0637 Manual Arts Therapist

    GS-0638 Recreation/Creative Arts Therapist

    GS-0639 Educational Therapist

    GS-0640 Health Aid and Technician

    GS-0642 Nuclear Medicine Technician

    GS-0644 Medical Technologist

    GS-0645 Medical Technician

    GS-0646 Pathology Technician

    GS-0647 Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist

    GS-0648 Therapeutic Radiologic Technologist

    GS-0649 Medical Instrument Technician

    GS-0650 Medical Technical Assistant

    GS-0651 Respiratory Therapist

    GS-0660 Pharmacist

    GS-0661 Pharmacy Technician

    GS-0662 Optometrist

    GS-0665 Speech Pathology and Audiology

    GS-0667 Orthotist and Prosthetist

    GS-0668 Podiatrist

    GS-0669 Medical Record Administration

    GS-0670 Health System Administration

    GS-0671 Health System Specialist

    GS-0672 Prosthetic Representative

    GS-0673 Hospital Housekeeping Management

    GS-0675 Medical Record Technician

    GS-0679 Medical Support Assistance

    GS-0680 Dental Officer

    GS-0681 Dental Assistant

    GS-0682 Dental Hygiene

    GS-0683 Dental Laboratory Aid and Technician

    GS-0685 Public Health Program Specialist

    GS-0688 Sanitarian

    GS-0690 Industrial Hygiene

    GS-0696 Consumer Safety

    GS-0698 Environmental Health Technician

    GS-0699 Medical and Health Student Trainee



    GS-0701 Veterinary Medical Science

    GS-0704 Animal Health Technician

    GS-0799 Veterinary Student Trainee



    GS-0801 General Engineering

    GS-0802 Engineering Technical

    GS-0803 Safety Engineering

    GS-0804 Fire Protection Engineering

    GS-0806 Materials Engineering

    GS-0807 Landscape Architecture

    GS-0808 Architecture

    GS-0809 Construction Control Technical

    GS-0810 Civil Engineering

    GS-0817 Survey Technical

    GS-0819 Environmental Engineering

    GS-0828 Construction Analyst

    GS-0830 Mechanical Engineering

    GS-0840 Nuclear Engineering

    GS-0850 Electrical Engineering

    GS-0854 Computer Engineering

    GS-0855 Electronics Engineering

    GS-0856 Electronics Technical

    GS-0858 Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering

    GS-0861 Aerospace Engineering

    GS-0871 Naval Architecture

    GS-0873 Marine Survey Technical

    GS-0880 Mining Engineering

    GS-0881 Petroleum Engineering

    GS-0890 Agricultural Engineering

    GS-0893 Chemical Engineering

    GS-0895 Industrial Engineering Technical

    GS-0896 Industrial Engineering

    GS-0898 Engineering Trainee

    GS-0899 Engineering and Architecture Student Trainee



    GS-0901 General Legal and Kindred Administration

    GS-0904 Law Clerk

    GS-0905 General Attorney

    GS-0930 Hearings and Appeals

    GS-0935 Administrative Law Judge

    GS-0950 Paralegal Specialist

    GS-0958 Employee Benefits Law

    GS-0962 Contact Representative

    GS-0963 Legal Instruments Examining

    GS-0965 Land Law Examining

    GS-0967 Passport and Visa Examining

    GS-0986 Legal Assistance

    GS-0987 Tax Law Specialist

    GS-0991 Worker's Compensation Claims Examining

    GS-0993 Railroad Retirement Claims Examining

    GS-0996 Veterans Claims Examining

    GS-0998 Claims Assistance and Examining

    GS-0999 Legal Occupations Student Trainee



    GS-1001 General Arts and Information

    GS-1008 Interior Design

    GS-1010 Exhibits Specialist

    GS-1015 Museum Curator

    GS-1016 Museum Specialist and Technician

    GS-1020 Illustrating

    GS-1021 Office Drafting

    GS-1035 Public Affairs

    GS-1040 Language Specialist

    GS-1046 Language Clerical

    GS-1051 Music Specialist

    GS-1054 Theater Specialist

    GS-1056 Art Specialist

    GS-1060 Photography

    GS-1071 Audiovisual Production

    GS-1082 Writing and Editing

    GS-1083 Technical Writing and Editing

    GS-1084 Visual Information

    GS-1087 Editorial Assistance

    GS-1099 Information and Arts Student Trainee



    GS-1101 General Business and Industry

    GS-1102 Contracting

    GS-1103 Industrial Property Management

    GS-1104 Property Disposal

    GS-1105 Purchasing

    GS-1106 Procurement Clerical and Technician

    GS-1107 Property Disposal Clerical and Technician

    GS-1130 Public Utilities Specialist

    GS-1140 Trade Specialist

    GS-1144 Commissary Management

    GS-1145 Agricultural Program Specialist

    GS-1146 Agricultural Marketing

    GS-1147 Agricultural Market Reporting

    GS-1150 Industrial Specialist

    GS-1152 Production Control

    GS-1160 Financial Analysis

    GS-1163 Insurance Examining

    GS-1165 Loan Specialist

    GS-1169 Internal Revenue Officer

    GS-1170 Realty

    GS-1171 Appraising

    GS-1173 Housing Management

    GS-1176 Building Management

    GS-1199 Business and Industry Student Trainee



    GS-1202 Patent Technician

    GS-1210 Copyright

    GS-1220 Patent Administration

    GS-1221 Patent Adviser

    GS-1222 Patent Attorney

    GS-1223 Patent Classifying

    GS-1224 Patent Examining

    GS-1226 Design Patent Examining

    GS-1299 Copyright and Patent Student Trainee



    GS-1301 General Physical Science

    GS-1306 Health Physics

    GS-1310 Physics

    GS-1311 Physical Science Technician

    GS-1313 Geophysics

    GS-1315 Hydrology

    GS-1316 Hydrologic Technician

    GS-1320 Chemistry

    GS-1321 Metallurgy

    GS-1330 Astronomy and Space Science

    GS-1340 Meteorology

    GS-1341 Meteorological Technician

    GS-1350 Geology

    GS-1360 Oceanography

    GS-1361 Navigational Information

    GS-1370 Cartography

    GS-1371 Cartographic Technician

    GS-1372 Geodesy

    GS-1373 Land Surveying

    GS-1374 Geodetic Technician

    GS-1380 Forest Products Technology

    GS-1382 Food Technology

    GS-1384 Textile Technology

    GS-1386 Photographic Technology

    GS-1397 Document Analysis

    GS-1398 Physical Science Trainee

    GS-1399 Physical Science Student Trainee



    GS-1410 Librarian

    GS-1411 Library Technician

    GS-1412 Technical Information Services

    GS-1420 Archivist

    GS-1421 Archives Technician

    GS-1499 Library and Archives Student Trainee



    GS-1501 General Mathematics and Statistics

    GS-1510 Actuarial Science

    GS-1515 Operations Research

    GS-1520 Mathematics

    GS-1521 Mathematics Technician

    GS-1529 Mathematical Statistics

    GS-1530 Statistics

    GS-1531 Statistical Assistant

    GS-1540 Cryptography

    GS-1541 Cryptanalysis

    GS-1550 Computer Science

    GS-1598 Mathematics or Computer Science Trainee

    GS-1599 Mathematics and Statistics Student Trainee



    GS-1601 Equipment, Facilities, and Services

    GS-1603 Equipment, Facilities, and Services Assistance

    GS-1630 Cemetery Administration Services

    GS-1640 Facility Management Services

    GS-1654 Printing Management Services

    GS-1658 Laundry Operations Services

    GS-1667 Food Services

    GS-1670 Equipment Services

    GS-1699 Equipment and Facilities Management Student Trainee



    GS-1701 General Education and Training

    GS-1702 Education and Training Technician

    GS-1710 Education and Vocational Training

    GS-1712 Training Instruction

    GS-1715 Vocational Rehabilitation

    GS-1720 Education Program

    GS-1725 Public Health Educator

    GS-1730 Education Research

    GS-1740 Education Services

    GS-1750 Instructional Systems

    GS-1799 Education Student Trainee



    GS-1801 General Inspection, Investigation, and Compliance

    GS-1802 Compliance Inspection and Support

    GS-1810 General Investigating

    GS-1811 Criminal Investigating

    GS-1812 Game Law Enforcement

    GS-1815 Air Safety Investigating

    GS-1816 Immigration Inspection

    GS-1822 Mine Safety and Health

    GS-1825 Aviation Safety

    GS-1831 Securities Compliance Examining

    GS-1850 Agricultural Commodity Warehouse Examining

    GS-1854 Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Inspection

    GS-1862 Consumer Safety Inspection

    GS-1863 Food Inspection

    GS-1864 Public Health Quarantine Inspection

    GS-1881 Customs and Border Protection Interdiction

    GS-1884 Customs Patrol Officer

    GS-1889 Import Specialist

    GS-1890 Customs Inspection

    GS-1894 Customs Entry and Liquidating

    GS-1895 Customs and Border Protection

    GS-1896 Border Patrol Agent

    GS-1899 Investigation Student Trainee



    GS-1910 Quality Assurance

    GS-1980 Agricultural Commodity Grading

    GS-1981 Agricultural Commodity Aid

    GS-1999 Quality Inspection Student Trainee


    GS-2000 SUPPLY

    GS-2001 General Supply

    GS-2003 Supply Program Management

    GS-2005 Supply Clerical and Technician

    GS-2010 Inventory Management

    GS-2030 Distribution Facilities and Storage Management

    GS-2032 Packaging

    GS-2091 Sales Store Clerical

    GS-2099 Supply Student Trainee



    GS-2101 Transportation Specialist

    GS-2102 Transportation Clerk and Assistant

    GS-2110 Transportation Industry Analysis

    GS-2121 Railroad Safety

    GS-2123 Motor Carrier Safety

    GS-2125 Highway Safety

    GS-2130 Traffic Management

    GS-2131 Freight Rate

    GS-2135 Transportation Loss and Damage Claims Examining

    GS-2144 Cargo Scheduling

    GS-2150 Transportation Operations

    GS-2151 Dispatching

    GS-2152 Air Traffic Control

    GS-2154 Air Traffic Assistance

    GS-2161 Marine Cargo

    GS-2181 Aircraft Operation

    GS-2183 Air Navigation

    GS-2185 Aircrew Technician

    GS-2186 Technical Systems Program Manager

    GS-2199 Transportation Student Trainee



    GS-2210 Information Technology Management

    GS-2299 Information Technology Student Trainee



    Blue Collar Trades and Crafts (Wage Grade) 

    WG- 2500  Wire Communications Equipment Installation and Maintenance Group

    WG-2600   Electronic Equipment Installation and Maintenance Group

    WG-2800   Electrical Installation and Maintenance Group

    WG-3100   Fabric and Leather Work Group

    WG-3300   Instrument Work Group

    WG-3400   Machine Tool Work Group

    WG-3500   General Services and Support Work Group

    WG-3600   Structural and Finishing Work Group

    WG-3700   Metal Processing Group

    WG-3800   Metal Work Group

    WG-3900   Motion Picture, Radio, Television, and Sound Equipment Operating Group

    WG-4100   Painting and Paperhanging Group

    WG-4200   Plumbing and Pipefitting Group

    WG-4300   Pliable Materials Work Group

    WG-4400   Printing Group

    WG-4600   Wood Work Group

    WG-4700   General Maintenance and Operations Work Group

    WG-4800   General Equipment Maintenance Group

    WG-5000   Plant and Animal Work Group

    WG-5200   Miscellaneous Occupations Group

    WG-5300   Industrial Equipment Maintenance Group

    WG-5400   Industrial Equipment Operation Group

    WG-5700   Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation Group

    WG-5800   Transportation/Mobile Equipment Maintenance Group

    WG-6500   Ammunition, Explosives, and Toxic Materials Work Group

    WG-6600   Armament Work Group

    WG-6900   Warehousing and Stock Handling Group

    WG-7000   Packing and Processing Group

    WG-7300   Laundry, Dry Cleaning, and Pressing Group

    WG-7400   Food Preparation and Serving Group

    WG-7600   Personal Services Group

    WG-8200   Fluid Systems Maintenance Group

    WG-8600   Engine Overhaul Group

    WG-8800   Aircraft Overhaul Group