Acronyms Used in Government Contracting (W)

Master list of the most frequently used government contracting acronyms. These acronyms and abbreviations are routinely used in government solicitations. You will also encounter these acronyms throughout the various sections of government contracts. This master list of acronyms will help you better understand the specialized language of government contracting. This is essential for successfully doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and working with contracting offices at military bases and DoD agencies.  You can also use our Glossary of defense contracting terms.


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WAN   Wide Area Network
WBS   Work Breakdown Structure
WCF   Working Capital Fund
WIP   Work in Place
WIPT   Working-Level Integrated Product Team
WMD   Weapons of Mass Destruction
WOSB   Woman-Owned Small Business
WP   Work Package 
WP/N   Weapons Procurement (Navy) 
WPI   Wholesale Price Index
WRA   Weapon Replacement Assembly
WRM   War Reserve Materials
WSA  Weapons Storage Area
WSESRB   Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board
WSMP   Weapon System Master Plan 
WTCV   Weapons and Tracked Combat Vehicles 


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