Acronyms Used in Government Contracting (D)

Master list of the most frequently used government contracting acronyms. These acronyms and abbreviations are routinely used in government solicitations. You will also encounter these acronyms throughout the various sections of government contracts. This master list of acronyms will help you better understand the specialized language of government contracting. This is essential for successfully doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and working with contracting offices at military bases and DoD agencies.  You can also use our Glossary of defense contracting terms.


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D&F   Determination and Findings
DAB   Defense Acquisition Board
DAE   Defense Acquisition Executive
DAG   Defense Acquisition Guidebook
DAR   Defense Acquisition Regulation
DARPA   Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAS   Defense Acquisition System
DAU   Defense Acquisition University
DBDD   Data Base Design Document
DBS   Defense Business Systems
DCAA   Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCADS   Defense Contracting Action Data System
DCAS   Defense Contract Administration Services
DCMA   Defense Contract Management Agency
DDN   Defense Data Network
DeMil   Demilitarization
DESC   Defense Electronic Supply Center
DFARS   Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFAS   Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DHS   Department of Homeland Security
DIA   Defense Intelligence Agency
DIB   Defense Industrial Base
DID   Data Item Description
DISA   Defense Information Systems Agency
DISAM   Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DISN   Defense Information Systems Network
DLA   Defense Logistics Agency
DMS   Defense Messaging System
DoC   Department of Commerce
DoD   Department of Defense
DoDD   Department of Defense Directive
DoDI   Department of Defense Instruction
DoE   Department of Energy
DoN   Department of the Navy
DoS   Department of State
DPAP   Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy
DPAS   Defense Priorities and Allocations System
DPG   Defense Planning Guidance
DPM   Deputy Program Manager
DR   Decision Review
DRMO   Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
DSAA   Defense Security Assistance Agency
DSI   Defense Studies Institute
DSN   Defense Switched Network
DT&E   Developmental Test and Evaluation
DTC   Design to Cost
DTIC   Defense Technical Information Center
DT/OT   Developmental Testing/Operational Testing 
DTRA   Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DTUPC   Design-to-Unit Production Cost
DWCF   Defense Working Capital Fund 



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