Acronyms Used in Government Contracting (F)

Master list of the most frequently used government contracting acronyms. These acronyms and abbreviations are routinely used in government solicitations. You will also encounter these acronyms throughout the various sections of government contracts. This master list of acronyms will help you better understand the specialized language of government contracting. This is essential for successfully doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and working with contracting offices at military bases and DoD agencies.  You can also use our Glossary of defense contracting terms.


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F3   Form, Fit, and Function
FAA   Federal Aviation Administration 
FAC   Federal Acquisition Circular
FAR   Federal Acquisition Regulation
FARA   Federal Acquisition Reform Act (1996)
FASA   Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (1994)
FC   Fixed Cost
FCA   Functional Configuration Audit
FCB   Functional Capability Board
FCI   Functional Configuration Identification
FD   Full Deployment (Information Business Systems)
FDP   Funded Delivery Period
FDR   Final or Formal Design Review
FedBizOpps   Federal Business Opportunities System
FFF   Form, Fit, and Function (Also F3)
FFP   Firm-Fixed-Price
FFS   Fee For Service
FLOT   Flotilla (Navy)
FLOT   Forward Line of Troops
FM   Financial Management
FMEA   Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FMECA   Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis
FMF   Fleet Marine Force
FMP   Fleet Modernization Plan (Navy)
FMS   Foreign Military Sales
FOC   Full Operational Capability
FOIA   Freedom of Information Act
FOT&E   Follow-on Operational Test and Evaluation
FOUO   For Official Use Only
FPAF   Fixed-Price Award-Fee
FPEPA   Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment
FPI   Fixed Price Incentive
FPIC   Fixed Price Incentive Contract
FPIF   Fixed Price Incentive (Firm Target)
FPIS   Fixed Price Incentive (Successive Target)
FPO   Functional Process Owner
FPR   Final Proposal Revision
FQR   Formal/Functional Qualification Review
FR   Federal Register
FRR   Flight Readiness Review
FRACAS   Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System
FRP   Full-Rate Production
FRPDR   Full-Rate Production Decision Review
FSA   Functional Systems Audit
FSCAP   Flight Safety Critical Aircraft Part
FSCM   Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers
FSG   Federal Stock Group
FSM   Functional Service Manager
FSN   Federal Stock Number
FSP   Flight Safety Part
FSS   Federal Supply Schedule
FTE   Full-Time Equivalent
FUE   First Unit Equipped (date)
FUSL   Full-Up System-Level
FY   Fiscal Year
FYDP   Future Years Defense Program  


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