Acronyms Used in Government Contracting (L)

Master list of the most frequently used government contracting acronyms. These acronyms and abbreviations are routinely used in government solicitations. You will also encounter these acronyms throughout the various sections of government contracts. This master list of acronyms will help you better understand the specialized language of government contracting. This is essential for successfully doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and working with contracting offices at military bases and DoD agencies.  You can also use our Glossary of defense contracting terms.


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LA   Legislative Affairs
LA   Legislative Assistant (Congress)
LA   Logistics Assessment
LAN   Local Area Network
LBTS   Land-Based Test Site (Navy)
LCC   Life Cycle Cost
LCCE   Life Cycle Cost Estimate
LCL   Life Cycle Logistics
LCM   Life Cycle Management
LCMC   Life Cycle Management Center (Air Force)
LCSP   Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan
LCSS   Life Cycle Software Support
LD   Liquidated Damages 
LEM   Logistics Element Manager
LFP   Logistics Funding Profile
LFT&E   Live Fire Test and Evaluation
LL   Legislative Liaison 
LLI   Long Lead Item
LLT   Long Lead Time
LM / Log Mgt   Logistics Management
LMDP   Life-Cycle Mission Data Plan
LMI   Logistics Management Information
LMI   Logistics Management Institute
LOA   Letter of Authorization
LOA   Letter of Offer and Acceptance
LOB   Line of Balance
LOC   Letter of Credit
LOC   Lines of Communication
LOE   Letter of Evaluation (Air Force) 
LOG   Logistics
LOGCAP   Logistics Command Assessment of Projects
LOGO   Limitation of Government Obligation
LOI   Letter of Instruction
LOI   Letter of Intent
LORA   Level of Repair Analysis
LP   Limited Procurement
LPTA   Lowest Price Technically Acceptable
LRE   Latest Revised Estimate
LRG   Logistics Review Group (Navy)
LRIP   Low-Rate Initial Production
LRU   Line Replaceable Unit
LS   Logistics Support
LSI   Large Scale Integration 


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