Acronyms Used in Government Contracting (A)

Master list of the most frequently used government contracting acronyms. These acronyms and abbreviations are routinely used in government solicitations. You will also encounter these acronyms throughout the various sections of government contracts. This master list of acronyms will help you better understand the specialized language of government contracting. This is essential for successfully doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and working with contracting offices at military bases and DoD agencies. 


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A&E   Architect/Engineer
ACAT   Acquisition Category
ACC   Air Combat Command
ACO   Administrative Contracting Officer
ACRN   Accounting Classification Reference Number
ACWP   Actual Cost of Work Performed
ADA 1990   Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
ADA   Anti-Deficiency Act
ADP   Automated Data Processing
ADPE   Automated Data Processing Equipment
ADR   Alternative Dispute Resolution
AECA   Arms Export Control Act (1976)
AFARS   Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
AFFARS   Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
AFIT   Air Force Institute of Technology
AFMC   Air Force Materiel Command
AFNWC   Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center
AFOTEC    Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
AFRC   Air Force Reserve Command
AFRL   Air Force Research Laboratory
AFSC   Air Force Space Command
Alternative Fuel Vehicle
Action Item
Automated Information System
AMC   Air Mobility Command
Army Materiel Command
Aviation and Missile Command (Army)
Army Materiel Systems Analysis Agency
Acquisition Management Systems Data List
American National Standards Institute
Analysis of Alternatives
Acquisition Program Baseline
  Acquisition Program Baseline Agreement
APPN   Appropriation
APUC   Average Procurement Unit Cost
AQL   Acceptable Quality Level
AR   Army Regulation
ACIC   Army Capabilities Integration Center
ARL   Army Research Laboratory
ART   Air Reserve Technician (Air Force Reserve / Air National Guard)
ASARC   Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASBCA   Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
ASP   Acquisition Strategy Panel (Air Force)
ASR   Acquisition Strategy Report; Alternative Systems Review
ATE   Automatic Test Equipment
ATEC   Army Test and Evaluation Command
ATO   Authorization to Operate
ATP   Acceptance Test Procedures


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