Glossary of Defense Contracting Terms (J)

This Glossary provides you with the most frequently used terms in government and military base contracting. Familiarity with the language of government contracting is essential for doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and working with contracting offices at military bases and DoD agencies.  You may also find it helpful to use our master list of Acronyms frequently used in DoD contracting.


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JAVITS-WAGNER-O'DAY (JWOD)      A federal law that required the government to purchase some of its supplies and services from nonprofit agencies that employ Americans who are blind or who have other sever limitations.

JOINT SETTLEMENT    Joint negotiation of two or more termination settlement proposals from the same contractor under different contracts. or regulatory authority other than the FAR and its implementing and supplementing regulations.

JOINT VENTURE   An association of two or more business entities to carry on a single business enterprise for profit for which purpose they combine their property, capitol, efforts, skills and knowledge.   


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