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Patrick Air Force Base Cocoa Beach, Florida


Patrick Space Force Base (Patrick AFB) - Small business contracting information and helpful insight for doing business with Patrick SFB. List of products, materiel, and services routinely procured by Space Launch Delta 45 to support base operations and space launch activities. Overview of subcontracting opportunities for those companies wanting to partner with prime Air Force contractors working at Patrick SFB. Helpful points of contact for companies needing to engage with the DoD and Air Force units at Patrick.  


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Patrick SFB is home to Space Launch Delta 45 (formerly known as the 45th Space Wing) with over 13,000 military, civilian and contractor personnel who support the launch of U.S. government and commercial satellites from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS) on the U.S. Eastern Range. The Eastern Range is a 15-million-square-mile area which supports approximately 15 to 20 launches per year.  

Patrick Space Force Base and Space Launch Delta 45 conduct launch operations and support at Cape Canaveral SFS.  This support includes ballistic missile test launches, aircraft tests, manned civil space launch operations, and commercial space lift operations.  

The primary launch systems (rockets) used at Cape Canaveral SFS include the Delta rocket, Atlas rocket, Falcon rocket, and U.S. Navy launch vehicles.

Patrick AFB Air Force Base Florida

Patrick Space Force Base is located on central
Florida's Atlantic coast near Cocoa Beach. 

Small Business Opportunities at Patrick SFB: 
Patrick SFB offers a wide array of small business opportunities in support of its space launch mission and collateral operations with mission partners. The operations at Patrick SFB indirectly create approximately 4,000 jobs annually valued at $182 million.  Annual defense expenditures for Space Launch Delta 45 total $384 million.  A significant portion of the contracts awarded by Space Launch Delta 45 and its mission partners are set-aside contracts for small businesses. 

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Patrick SFB Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • Space Launch Delta 45
  • 920th Rescue Wing, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC)
  • Defense Equality Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI)
  • Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Naval Ordnance Test Unit
  • Joint STARS Test Force
  • Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Office of Aviation  
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Disposition Services   
  • Geodetic Surveys Division Range Support Team  

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    What types of products and services are procured by Patrick SFB? 
    We have compiled a master list of the types of products and services that are routinely purchased commercially (or contracted for) by this Air Force installation and other defense organizations.  View Master List