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 Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) - Small business assistance and contracting insight for doing business with DLA and logistics offices nationwide. This web page includes and overview of subcontracting opportunities with prime DLA contractors and a master list of the types of products, equipment, parts, and services routinely procured by DLA to support global logistics requirements for the Department of Defense (DoD).


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DLA provides the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and other federal agencies with total logistics, acquisition, supply chain management, and technical logistics support services.  DLA's mission is to purchase and distribute nearly all of the consumable items military forces use to perform their operational missions.  This includes consumable items such as: food, fuel, energy, uniforms, medical supplies, and construction material. 

DLA's Scope and Volume of Business  

DLA supplies al most 90% of the military’s spare parts on a daily basis.  DLA also manages the reutilization of military equipment.  Other functions of DLA include providing catalogs and other logistics information products to its military customers.  DLA provides supply document automation and materiel production services.  DLA is headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

In a typical year, DLA generates over $38 billion in contract sales with private industry. To accomplish its mission, DLA employs 25,000 civilian and military personnel. DLA’s vast inventory of parts, consumables, and equipment supports over 2,430 DoD weapon systems.  In addition, DLA manages nine DoD supply chains comprising more than 5 million items.  

On an average day, DLA will process more than 100,000 individual requisitions.  It will award and manage over 10,000 contract lines. Worldwide, DLA manages 24 specialized supply chain distribution centers. Last year, DLA supplied 100 million barrels of fuels to military bases and to deployed military forces overseas.  

Doing Business with DLA - Small Business Contracting Assistance 
DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) - DIBBS is a web-based application that provides the capability to search for, view, and submit secure quotes on Requests For Quotations (RFQs) for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) items of supply. DIBBS also allows users to search and view Request for Proposals (RFPs), Invitations for Bid (IFBs), Awards and other procurement information related to DLA.  
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DLA Small Business Information: 
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What types of products and services are procured by DLA? 

We have compiled a master list of the types of products and services that are routinely purchased commercially (or contracted for) by DLA and other defense logistics organizations. View Master List