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Redstone Arsenal Army NASA AMC Huntsville Alabama    

Redstone Arsenal (U.S. Army) - Small business contracting information and current base support requirements. Overview of types of materiel, products, parts, equipment, and specialized services procured at the Redstone Arsenal. Subcontracting and supplier / vendor opportunities with prime defense contractors. Also, list of points of contact and telephone directory for DoD organizations stationed at the Redstone Arsenal.  


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The Redstone Arsenal is a large federal industrial complex comprised of numerous Department of Defense (DoD) organizations and federal government agencies.  The Redstone Arsenal is one of the largest defense activities in the Southeastern United States.  This huge industrial complex includes over 19 million square feet of building space (offices, specialized research and development facilities, warehouses, base housing, and support facilities).

There are over 1,000 active duty military personnel working at the Redstone Arsenal.  In addition, there are approximately 20,500 federal civil service workers and over 16,000 government contractors.  The major types of work being performed at Redstone are: engineering, research, science, logistics management, acquisition management, and government contracting.

Redstone Army Arsenal Huntsville Alabama
The Redstone Arsenal (U.S. Army)
is located at Huntsville, Alabama. 

The economic activity at the Redstone Arsenal is vast and has a far reaching impact on the economy of Alabama and the surrounding region.  The total economic impact is estimated at $12.7 billion.  Approximately $5.9 billion of this amount is generated from government contracts for services, products, equipment, and support for organizations and agencies at Redstone.  

Military Units and Defense Organizations at the Army Redstone Arsenal   

  • Headquarters U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC)
  • U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Command (AMCOM) 
  • U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) 
  • Army Contracting Command (ACC)
  • U.S. Army Expeditionary Contracting Command (ECC) 
  • U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Research, Development & Engineering Center (AMRDEC)
  • Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) 
  • U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command (USASMDC)
  • Army Forces Strategic Command (ARSTRAT)  
  • Program Executive Office – Aviation (PEO Aviation)
  • Program Executive Office – Missiles & Space  (PEO MS) 
  • Redstone Test Center (RTC) 
  • U.S. Army Garrison – Redstone Arsenal (U.S. Army Installation Management Command IMCOM) 
  • U.S. Army 2nd Recruiting Brigade 
  • Fox Army Health Center (FAHC) 
  • U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center, Huntsville - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 
  • U.S. Missile Defense Agency 
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) - Missile & Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) 
  • NASA – Marshall Space Flight Center 
  • ATF – National Center for Explosives Training & Research 
  • FBI – Hazardous Devices School 
  • US Army Network Enterprise Center - Redstone (NEC-R) 
  • Defense Acquisition University (DAU) 
  • FBI Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC) 

Redstone Arsenal - official website:    

Redstone Army Depot - base operator:  (256) 876-2151

Small Business Opportunities and Set-Aside Contracts at the Redstone Arsenal:

Each year, there are hundreds of new government contracting opportunities for small businesses with Department of Defense agencies, U.S. Army organizations, and other federal agencies located at Redstone. The various government contracting offices at Redstone purchase an estimated $5.9 billion through government contracts and micro purchases for services, products, equipment, and support for organizations and agencies at Redstone.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in work are specifically set-aside for small business set-aside contracts and procurements. In addition to these set-aside contracts, there are hundreds of opportunities for small businesses who are interested in partnering with large prime contractors as subcontractors or as vendor/suppliers. 

Additional Resources for Small Businesses: 

Redstone Arsenal Contracting Offices:  
Missile Defense Agency Contracting Office
5222 Martin Road 
Attn: VBII 
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35898 
Army Contracting Command 
ACC - RSA (Missile)
Building 5303   Martin Road
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5280 

Army Contracting Command
ACC - RSA (Aviation
Building 5303  Sparkman Circle
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35898-0000  
Defense Logistics Agency Contracting Office
Aviation AHA
Martin Road, Building 5201
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35898-5280 
Missile and Space Intelligence Center - Contracting Office
Building 4545  Fowler Road
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35898-5500 


What types of products and services are procured by Redstone Arsenal? 
We have compiled a master list of the types of products and services that are routinely procured commercially
(or contracted for) by this defense installation and other military bases and DoD organizations.  
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