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Peterson Air Force Base (AFB) - This web page provides an overview of small business contracting opportunities at Peterson AFB and with Headquarters, Air Force Space Command, and 21st Space Wing. Also included is information about small business set-aside contracts and subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors at Peterson AFB. This web page includes an overview of the types of products, materials, and services routinely procured by the base contracting office.  


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Peterson AFB Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • 21st Space Wing
  • Headquarters, Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)
  • Headquarters NORAD and USNORTHCOM 
  • 302nd Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve Command)
  • 4th Manpower Requirements Squadron
  • 200th Airlift Squadron
  • Space & Missiles Systems Center Logistics Group 
  • 544th Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Group
Peterson Air Force Base (AFB) Map

Peterson Air Force Base is located at
Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Contracting Activity at Peterson AFB: 
The following represents the level of defense contracting activities at Peterson AFB. These figures are from 2015 Economic Impact Statement for this Air Force installation. 

  • Military Construction Services and Materials:  $33.0 Million
  • Services Contracts:  $383.4 Million
  • Base Utilities:  $8.4 Million
  • Materials, Equipment, and Supplies Procurement:   $62.9 Million

Peterson AFB official website:

Peterson AFB telephone directory:  directory:

Peterson AFB base operator:  Phone 719-556-7011

Small Business and Base Contracting Information for Peterson AFB: 

To sustain its operations and support activities, the base contracting office at Peterson AFB procures products, services, and materiel from private industry. The 21st Contracting Squadron (21 CONS) at Peterson AFB awards and administers government contracts.  A significant portion of these contracts are set aside for small businesses. There are also numerous opportunities for small businesses to support Peterson AFB as vendors, product suppliers, and subcontractors to prime government contractors.   

         21st Contracting Squadron  (21 CONS)
         135 Dover Street, Suite 2225
         Peterson AFB, Colorado 80914-1055
         Phones: 719-556-6281  /  719-556-4044  /  719-556-6117  /  719-556-8208 


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