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Parris Island USMC Marine Corps Recruit Depot 

Parris Island S.C. Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) - Small business contracting assistance, information, and guidance for doing business with MCRD Parris Island. Also, opportunities to serve as subcontractors and vendors to prime defense contractors supporting MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina. Compilation of the various types of products, equipment, materials, and specialized services routinely procured by the contracting office at Parris Island. List of points of contact and telephone directory for DoD organizations at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.  


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Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) at Parris Island is the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting and basic training installation for the Eastern Region of the United States.  

Parris Island has a population of approximately 19,000 Marine Corps personnel, 886 civilian workers, and nearly 100 contractors. The total economic impact of Parris Island is estimated at approximately $401 million annually.  

Parris Island encompasses 8,095 acres; however, over half is uninhabitable salt marsh.

 Parris Island USMC Marine Corps Recruit Depot MCRD South Carolina
Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island is located
about 4 miles south of Beaufort, South Carolina.

Military Organizations and Training Units at Parris Island

  • Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Eastern Recruiting Region 
  • 1st Marine Corps District 
  • 4th Marine Corps District 
  • 6th Marine Corps District
  • Recruit Training Regiment 
    • 1st Recruit Training Battalion 
    • 2nd Recruit Training Battalion 
    • 3rd Recruit Training Battalion 
    • 4th Recruit Training Battalion 
    • Support Battalion 
    • Drill Instructor School
  • Weapons & Field Training Battalion 
  • Headquarters and Service Battalion 

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Small Business Opportunities at Parris Island  
Each year, there are hundreds of government contracting opportunities for prime contractors and small businesses at Parris Island. Annually, there is an average of $60 million in contracts awarded and administered to private industry. This includes: 

  • Construction, Maintenance, Utilities & Services  -  $39.9 million
  • Procurement  - $12.5 million
  • Education and Training  - $5.7 million 
  • Telephone & Printing - $1.4 million  

Included in these contract awards are millions of dollars in small business set-aside contracts to support Parris Island's training operations. There are also many opportunities for small businesses to partner with large prime contractors as subcontractors or as vendor suppliers.  

Contracting Office - Parris Island (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) 
PO Box 5069
Parris Island, South Carolina 29905-5069 
Phone: 843-228-2139 


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