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Offutt Air Force Base (AFB) 55th Wing U.S. Strategic Command 


Offutt Air Force Base (AFB) - Base contracting information and guidance for doing business with Offutt AFB. This web page includes insight regarding subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors supporting the 55th Wing, U.S. Strategic Command, and other DoD units located at Offutt AFB. There is also a master list of products, equipment, and services routinely procured to support the 55th Wing's base support operations at Offutt AFB.  


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Offutt AFB is home to several Air Force units and organizations. The host unit for Offutt AFB is the 55th Wing. The 55th Wing provides global military intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance; electronic attack; command and control; and combat forces awareness to U.S. political and military leadership. The 55th Operations Group flies and maintains 49 aircraft. The 55th Wing has an annual budget of over $477 million annually. It has approximately 7,000 employees (military and civilian workers).

Also located at Offutt AFB is Headquarters, U.S. Strategic Command. USSTRATCOM conducts global operations with to include the deterrence and detection of strategic attacks against the United States and its international allies. USSTRATCOM's key missions include: strategic deterrence; space operations; cyberspace operations; joint electronic warfare; global strike; missile defense; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; combating weapons of mass destruction; and analysis and targeting. Headquarters USSTRATCOM has approximately 1,700 military and civilian personnel working at Offutt AFB.

The 557th Weather Wing provides the Department of Defense (DoD) with timely, accurate weather information. The 557th Weather Wing has over 1,400 active duty, reserve, civilian and contract personnel.  

 Offutt Air Force Base (AFB) Map

Offutt Air Force Base is located in
eastern Nebraska (south of Omaha).

Offutt AFB Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • 55th Wing (55 WG)
    • 55th Operations Group
    • 55th Electronic Combat Group 
    • 55th Maintenance Group
    • 55th Mission Support Group (55th MSG)
    • 55th Medical Group
    • 55th Communications Group
  • Headquarters, United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
  • 557th Weather Wing  
  • National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC) 
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) - Omaha 
  • 20th Intelligence Squadron 
  • 610th Intelligence Flight - Air Force Reserve Command 
  • 170th Group - Nebraska Air National Guard
  • 625th Strategic Operations Squadron - Air Force Global Strike Command
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Disposition Services
  • Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC)

Offutt AFB - official website:   

Offutt AFB - base operator and locator assistance:  402-294-1110 

Offutt AFB - phone directory: 

Offutt AFB Contracting Office:  

55th Contracting Squadron (CONS)
101 Washington Square,  Bldg 40
Offutt AFB, Nebraska  68113-2107

        55th Contracting Squadron Phone Numbers:
           -  Command Section   402-232-6356
           -  Civil Engineering Support(LGCA)    402-232-6458
           -  Specialized Contracting (LGCZ)   402-294-4494

            Contract Specialist Phone Numbers:
            402-232-5992  /  402-294-7304  /  402-232-0363  /  402-232-8661

    Small Business Office at Offutt AFB 
    There is a wide range of opportunities for small businesses at Offutt AFB. This includes opportunities for small businesses who want to subcontract with prime defense contractors. (Note: Prime defense contractors are required by Federal law to partner with small businesses. These partnerships can take the form of subcontracting or vendor / supplier activities.) For specific information about small business opportunities at Offutt AFB, contact a small business specialist at this base.

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