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Naval Support Activity (NSA) Mid-South 
- Small business contracting information and guidance.  On-base contracting points of contact. Subcontracting opportunities with prime government contractors. Overview of set-aside small business contracts and doing business with NSA Mid-South. List of types of products, materiel, and services procured by NSA Mid-South.  


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NSA Mid-South is home to Navy Personnel Command, the Navy Manpower Analysis Center, and Navy Recruiting Command.  Also located at NSA Mid-South is the Army Corps of Engineers' Finance Center.  Working at NSA Mid-South are more than 7,500 personnel (military, federal civilians, and government contractor personnel). 

Bureau of Naval Personnel / Navy Personnel Command (BUPERS-NPC).  BUPERS-NPC supports the U.S. Navy through the administrative oversight of naval personnel actions (military and civilian).  BUPERS-NPC performs Human Resource (HR) management activities such as personnel policy development, HR planning, pay and benefits, records management, performance evaluation, assignments, separations, and retirement processing. 

Naval Support Activity NSA Mid-South Map Tennessee

Naval Support Activity (NSA) Mid-South is located
about 10 miles north of Memphis, Tennessee. 

Navy Manpower Analysis Center (NAVMAC).  NAVMAC has four core manpower support functions:  personnel occupational (work skill) classification, manpower requirements determination (who is needed - where they are needed - how many are needed), total Navy workforce management, manpower business requirement oversight.

Navy Recruiting Command (NRC).  NSA Mid-South is the home to Headquarters NRC. NRC is responsible for recruiting enlisted sailors and prospective commissioned naval officers. NRC manages 26 Navy Recruiting Districts (NRDs) across the United States. NRC is divided into two Navy recruiting regions: Region East and Region West.  

Major Organizations and Tenants at Naval Support Activity Mid-South 

  • Headquarters, Bureau of Naval Personnel / Navy Personnel Command (BUPERS-NPC)
  • Navy Manpower Analysis Center (NAVMAC)
  • Navy Recruiting Command (NRC)
  • Naval Branch Health Clinic (NBHC) at NSA Mid-South
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Finance Center
  • Public Works Department  

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Small Business Opportunities: 
Each year there are numerous opportunities for small businesses to do business with the many organizations located at NSA Mid-South. Small business requirements for this naval installation includes providing commercially available products, parts, equipment, tools, and materials as well as specialized products and services.  

Additional Resources for Small Businesses: 

Naval Station Activity Mid-South - base operator:  (901) 874-5111 

NSA Mid-South - telephone directory:
NSA Mid-South - Contracting Office
Naval Installations Command
Millington Detachment N944
Contracting Office
5720 Integrity Drive
Bldg 457
Millington, Tennessee  38055
Phone:  901-874-6678  /  901-874-6681  /  901-874-6902

Types of products and services commonly purchased by NSA Mid-South    
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