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Kings Bay Navy Submarine Station 

Naval Submarine Station Kings Bay  - Small business contracting information and guidance for doing business with NSS Kings Bay, Georgia. Master list of current of types of products and services procured by the Navy to support operations at NSS Kings Bay. Subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors working at NSS Kings Bay and other naval installations nationwide. Also, list of points of contact and telephone directory for DoD organizations at NSS Kings Bay. 


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Naval Submarine Station Kings Bay is the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet's home port for nuclear submarines carrying Trident ballistic missiles. Kings Bay is a large naval complex encompassing about 16,000 acres.  

Major military activities at Kings Bay: 

  • Training (advanced, functional, and refresher) submarine officers and crew 
  • Assembling the D-5 missile and processing missile guidance and launcher subsystem components 
  • Maintenance and refit of ballistic missile nuclear submarines 
  • Overhauling, modernizing, and repairing Trident submarines
  • Providing dry dock operations 
  • Operating the Magnetic Silencing Facility (MSF) for submarine degaussing 
  • Providing naval station security operations 
 Naval Submarine Station Kings Bay Georgia Navy
Naval Submarine Station Kings Bay is
located in Southeast Georgia near St. Marys.

Small Business Contracting Opportunities: 
There is a broad range of contracting and small business opportunities at Kings Bay. Each year, the Kings Bay Navy contracting office and the Naval Fleet Logistics Center at NAS Jacksonville awards millions of dollars in small business set-aside contracts to support defense activities at this naval installation. In addition to millions of dollars in small business set-aside contracts, there are many opportunities for small businesses who want to partner with large prime contractors on government contracts. This partnership can take the form of subcontracting or being a vendor supplier to the prime contractor.   

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Naval Submarine Station Kings Bay  -  Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • Submarine Group 10 
  • Submarine Squadron 16 
  • Submarine Squadron 20
  • Naval Submarine Support Center 
  • Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic
  • Marine Corps Security Force Battalion 
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG) Maritime Force Protection Unit  
  • Trident Refit Facility (TRF)  
  • Trident Training Facility (TTF)   

Naval Submarine Station Kings Bay official website:

Kings Bay Contracting Office
30 USS Hunley Ave 
SUBASE Kings Bay, GA 31547

What types of products and services are procured by NSS Kings Bay? 
We have compiled a master list of the types of products and services that are routinely purchased commercially (or contracted for) by this Naval installation and other defense organizations.  View Master List