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Naval Station Great Lakes 
- Small business contracting information and assistance with doing business with NS Great Lakes. Points of contact with the Naval Service Training Command and the Military Processing Entrance Command.  Information is provided (below) about subcontracting with prime defense contractors working at NS Great Lakes.  


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Naval Station (NS) Great Lakes is home to the Naval Service Training Command (NSTC).  NSTC provides basic military training for new enlisted recruits entering the U.S. Navy.  NSTC provides initial officer candidate accession training.  Each year, NSTC trains approximately 40,000 new sailors and 4,500 new officers. It trains approximately 1,955 reserve component sailors annually. Another mission of NSTC is administering the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) program. 

Also located at NS Great Lakes is the Headquarters for the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPC). MEPC's mission is to determine the physical, mental, and moral qualifications of every new member of the armed services. MEPC serves as the gateway through which applicants enter the U.S. Armed Services.  

Another military unit located at NS Great Lakes is the Marine Air Control Group 48.  This unit is part of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and a detachment of the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. 

NS Great Lakes is the Navy's largest training center. It has approximately 1,153 buildings located across 1,628 acres situated on Lake Michigan. Most of the military units at NS Great Lakes have experienced a significant recapitalization program. DoD has invested millions of dollars on modern barracks, new dining facilities, updated classrooms, and office buildings. 

Naval Station Great Lakes Map Illinois

Naval Station Great Lakes is located
in northeast Illinois at North Chicago. 

Major Organizations and Tenant Units at Naval Station Great Lakes 

  • Naval Service Training Command (NSTC)
  • Recruit Training Command (RTC) at Great Lakes 
  • Training Support Center (TSC) Great Lakes
  • HQ U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPCOM) 
  • Navy Recruiting District Chicago 
  • Marine Air Control Group 48 (MACG-48) - U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

    Naval Station Great Lakes - official website: 

    Naval Station Great Lakes - base operator:  847-688-3500

    NS Great Lakes - telephone directory:
    NS Great Lakes - Contracting Support Offices

    N00189 NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk Contracting Dept. Great Lakes Office
    3320 Mississippi Avenue,  Bldg 3223
    Great Lakes, IL  60088 
    Phone:  847-688-6975 x127 
    Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) 
    N00189 NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk
    1968 Gilbert Street,Suite 600
    Norfolk, VA  23511 
    Phone:  757-443-1395  /  757-443-1398  /  757-443-1381
    Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) 
    N40085 NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic
    PWD Great Lakes FEAD 310 Seabee Way
    Naval Station Great Lakes, IL  60088
    Phone:  847-688-5395 x-242  /  847-688-5395 x-246
    N40085 NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic 
    520 Dewey Ave, Building 5
    Naval Station Great Lakes, IL  60088
    Phone: 847-688-3368 x-104 
    Marine Forces Reserve - (MARFORRES)
    2000 Opelousas Ave, Room 2W4200
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70114
    Phone: 504-697-9026  /  504-697-8345   

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