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Naval Air Station Key West (NAS Key West) 

Naval Air Station (NAS) Key West - Small business opportunities and contracting guidance for NAS Key West. List of commercial requirements for supplies, products, and services procured to support operations at NAS Key West.  Also, subcontracting opportunities for companies who want to partner with prime government contractors supporting NAS Key West operations. Helpful points of contact and assistance with doing business at NAS Key West.   


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Naval Air Station (NAS) Key West plays host to one of DoD's top pilot training facilities.  It also provides transient facilities for tactical aviation units. NAS Key West has over 1,600 active-duty military personnel and more than 1,300 civilian personnel.

The Joint Interagency Task Force - East (JIATF-East) is a major tenant organization at NAS Key West.  JIATF-East is a joint defense agency whose mission is to detect, monitor, and deter drug smuggling operations.  

The U.S. Coast Guard uses the Naval Station's annex Pier D-2 for its vessels.  Also situated at Pier D-2 is the headquarters for the Key West Coast Guard.

NAS Key West Navy Florida Naval Aviation Training

Naval Air Station Key West is located in the
Florida Keys at the southernmost point in the
continental United States.  

The Caribbean Regional Operating Center (CARIBROC) is another important tenant organization at NAS Key West.  CARIBROC provides radar support, navigational assistance, and flight communications for the tracking and monitoring air traffic in the region.  CARIBROC uses this information to support U.S. Atlantic Command's intelligence collection operations.

Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) has a detachment at NAS Key West.  NAWC conducts development, engineering tests, and evaluation of aircraft and avionics prototypes.  NAWC uses the NAS Key West facilities and surrounding training sectors as a staging area for its activities.   

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UIC: N44222
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Southeast, FEAD Key West
P.O. Box 9018, Bldg. A629
Naval Air Station
Key West, FL 33040-9018 

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