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Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia
- Small business assistance and contracting guidance for NAS Oceana.  Vendor and supplier business opportunities, plus subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors at NAS Oceana. Compilation of the types of products, equipment, materials, and services procured to support this naval installation. Helpful points of contact and assistance with doing business at NAS Oceana. 


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Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana is home to F/A-18 Hornets (fighter attack aircraft) and Super Hornet aircraft. NAS Oceana provides facilities, parts, equipment, materials, and skilled personnel needed to support the aircraft at this naval base. 

NAS Oceana has nearly 10,500 active Navy personnel and approximately 4,500 civilian personnel.  Each year, about 20,000 students come to NAS Oceana.  The Navy's largest Fleet Replacement Squadron, VFA-106, is located at NAS Oceana.  VFA-106 has over 1,500 personnel supporting its operations.  

NAS Oceana Map Virginia Beach
NAS Oceana is on the Atlantic Coast
of Virginia near Virginia Beach.  

Each year there are numerous opportunities for small businesses to do business with NAS Oceana.  This includes providing both commercially available products, parts, equipment, tools, and materials as well as specialized products and services.  There are also military construction projects and facilities / airfield renovation work at NAS Oceana. There is also a wide array of opportunities for small businesses to serve as subcontractors and suppliers to prime defense contractors. 

Major Organizations and Tenants at NAS Oceana

  • Fleet Readiness Center (Mid-Atlantic) 
  • Commander, Carrier Air Wing ONE
  • Commander, Carrier Air Wing THREE
  • Commander, Carrier Air Wing SEVEN
  • Commander, Carrier Air Wing EIGHT
  • Commander, Carrier Air Wing SEVENTEEN
  • Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic
  • Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, VACAPES
  • Marine Aviation Training Support Group Thirty Three
  • Navy Landing Signal Officer School
  • Naval Aviation Engineering Support Unit
  • Naval Aviation Meteorology and Oceanography Detachment
  • Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit
  • Strike Weapons and Tactics School, Atlantic
  • Combat Direction Systems Activity

F/A-18 Hornet & Super Hornet Squadrons at NAS Oceana: 
NAS Oceana is the home air station to 18 Super Hornet and F/A-18 Hornet squadrons. 16 of these squadrons routinely deploy with U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.  The other 2 Hornet squadrons are permanently based at NAS Oceana.  Also at NAS Oceana is an adversary squadron that is used to train and hone the combat proficiency the Navy's aircrews' combat skills. 

NAS Oceana - official website:

NAS Oceana - base operator:  (757) 433-2366

NAS Oceana - telephone directory: 

NAS Oceana - Contacting Support: 

Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Mid-Atlantic
953 Hornet Drive Suite 213
Virginia Beach, VA  23460
Phone:  (757) 433-2612  

Hampton Roads IPT
9742 Maryland Avenue
Norfolk, VA  23511
Phone: (757) 444-7170  /  (757) 322-4422  /  (757) 322-8228

NAS Oceana - Supplies and Materials Contracting Offices
Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) 
Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk 
CODE 200 
1968 Gilbert Street 
Suite 600 
Norfolk, VA 23511-3392  
Phone:  (877) 933-3243  /  (757) 443-1410  /  (757) 443-1381  / (847) 688-4706 x1 
Naval Supply Systems Command 
Regional Supply Office Oceana 
983 D Avenue (CODE 194) 
Virginia Beach, VA, 23460-2208 
Phone:  (757) 433-2363  /  (757) 433-3442


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