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125th Fighter Wing Jacksonville Florida Air National Guard 

125th Fighter Wing - Jacksonville Florida  Overview of small business opportunities with the 125th FW. Information about small business set-aside contracts and subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors supporting the Florida Air National Guard (FANG) and the 125th Fighter Wing.    

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The 125th Fighter Wing (125 FW) conducts air defense for the southeastern region of the United States. This region runs from Charleston, South Carolina to the Florida Keys. It also extends across the panhandle area of Florida.

The 125th FW flies F-15 fighters. The F-15 Eagle fighter jet is an air superiority, all-weather tactical fighter. It is designed to gain air supremacy over any potential adversary. The F-15 Eagle has excellent maneuverability and acceleration capabilities. It also has superb range, can carry a wide array of weapons, and boasts state of the art onboard avionics. The F-15 Eagle is able to penetrate enemy defenses and achieve dominance over any current foreign aircraft.   

 125 Fighter Wing Jacksonville Air National Guard
The 125th Fighter Wing is located in Northeast Florida
at Jacksonville International Airport.

The 125 FW also has an ongoing operational mission conducted from Homestead Air Reserve Base (about 20 miles south of Miami).  From Homestead ARB, the 125the FW performs a continuous 24-hour alert mission with the responsibility for intercepting unknown aircraft at a moment's notice.  The 125th FW is the Florida Air National Guard's largest unit with a total authorization for 994 personnel. 

125th Fighter Wing - official website:  http://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/ 

Business Opportunities with the 125th Fighter Wing (Florida Air National Guard)  
The 125th FW is co-located with Jacksonville International Airport.  As such, it is not a traditional self-contained base. However, it does require and procure a broad array of services and products similar to those that are normally purchased to support larger military bases.  

125th Fighter Wing Contracting Office:
14300 Fang Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32218-7933   
Phone: 904-741-7442 

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