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Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune:
New business opportunities and small business contracting information. Subcontractors needed for current and upcoming projects. Compilation of the types of products, services, and materiel routinely procured by the contracting office at MCB Camp Lejeune. Compilation of the various types of products, equipment, materials, and specialized services routinely procured by the contracting office at this Air Force installation.  Also, list of points of contact and telephone directory for DoD organizations stationed at MCB Camp Lejeune.  


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The Marine Corps and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations at Camp Lejeune work to train and maintain combat-ready Marine expeditionary units for global deployment.  Camp Lejeune is North Carolina's second largest military base.  Camp Lejeune has over 33,000 active duty military personnel and nearly 3,500 civilian contract employees.

The major DoD units at Camp Lejeune include the II Marine Expeditionary Force and the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Command.  Other major tenant units at Camp Lejeune are the 2nd Marine Division, Deployment Processing Command / Reserve Support Unit -- East, the Special Missions Training Center, (U.S. Coast Guard) and the School of Infantry - East (U.S. Marine Corps). 

 Camp Lejeune Map U.S. Marine Corps Base
Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune
is located on the Atlantic Coast of
North Carolina adjacent to Jacksonville.

Also located at MCB Camp Lejeune is Camp Johnson. Camp Johnson is a 1600-acre training area that is home to the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools (MCCSSS).  The Field Medical Training Battalion - East is another important unit that trains at Camp Johnson.   

Recent government studies indicate that MCB Camp Lejeune has an annual economic impact in excess of $4 billion on the eastern North Carolina region.  Government contracting support for MCB Camp Lejeune is provided by the base's Contracting Office. Camp Lejeune's contracting office awards and manages over $767 million each year in defense contracts and procurements for Materials, Supplies, and Services. In addition, military construction (MILCON) contracts are routinely awarded for the construction or renovation of facilities on Camp Lejeune.  A large number of the government contracts awarded by the Camp Lejeune contracting office are reserved (set aside) for small business concerns. 

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF)  
  • U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)
  • 2nd Marine Division
  • Deployment Processing Command / Reserve Support Unit -- East (DPC/RSU-East)  
  • Special Missions Training Center (SMTC) - U.S. Coast Guard
  • School of Infantry - East (US Marine Corps)
  • Marine Corps Engineer School
  • Camp Lejeune Training Support Center
  • Camp Johnson - Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools (MCCSSS)     

MCB Camp Lejeune - official website:     

MCB Camp Lejeune - base telephone directory: 

Camp Lejeune - base operator / locator:
(910) 451-1113 
MCB Camp Lejeune Contracting Office
PO Box 8368
MCB Camp Lejeune, NC 28547-8368 
Phones: (910) 451-1847   /  (910) 451-1535  /  (910) 450-9381  / (910) 449-9747
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Contracting Office
NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic   
1005 Michael Road  Room 20   
Camp Lejeune, NC  28547 
Phones: (910) 451-2582 x5223  /  (910) 451-2582 x5226  /   (910) 451-2582 x5232  /  (910) 451-2582 x5241

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What types of products and services are procured by MCB Camp Lejeune? 
We have compiled a master list of the types of products and services that are routinely purchased commercially (or contracted for) by this military installation and other defense organizations.  View Master List