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Marine Corps Logistics Base MCLB Albany Georgia 

Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany - Small business opportunities and contracting information for MCLB Albany. Also, numerous supplier and subcontractor opportunities with prime defense contractors supporting logistics activities at MCLB Albany. Master list of the most common types of products, supplies, and services routinely contracted for at this Marine Corps logistics base. Also provided is a list of points of contact for small businesses wanting to do business with MCLB Albany.  


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The MCLB Albany defense industrial complex is home to Marine Corps Logistics Command (MARCORLOGCOM) and Marine Depot Maintenance Command (MDMC) at Albany.  MCLB Albany provides the industrial facilities and infrastructure necessary to support a broad range of depot maintenance and supply activities for the U.S. Marine Corps.  

MARCORLOGCOM provides worldwide expeditionary logistics support and depot maintenance for the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) and other Department of Defense (DoD) forces and agencies.  The repair facilities at MCLB Albany function as a multi-commodity Marine Depot Maintenance Center.  MDMC supports Marine Corps ground combat forces and combat support equipment. MDMC civilian personnel are cross-trained to apply their common skills to work on a variety of equipment across different systems and equipment. Doing this allows MDMC to quickly realign workloads to meet changing depot production requirements. 

 MCLB Albany Georgia Marine Corps Depot Logistics
MCLB Albany is located
in southeast Georgia.

MDMC consists of 69 buildings that encompass over 1 million square feet.  The main MDMC building is 362,000 square feet and it houses a 75-ton hoisting crane, two 30-ton overhead cranes, and two 35-ton cranes.  The value of MDMC's facilities and equipment is estimated to be $1.7 billion.  MDMC has a work force of 2,070 civilians with a small permanent on-site military personnel presence.  

Also located at MCLB Albany is the  General Account and Storage Operations Facility, Marine Forces Reserve  (MARFORRES).  This G-4 Supply function serves as an intermediate supply point for over 180 Marine Forces Reserves sites nationwide.  MARFORRES has a 120,000 square-foot warehouse.  This facility receives, stores, and ships supplies, equipment, and material required by Marine Forces Reserves units. 

Government contracting support for MCLB Albany is provided by both the MCLB Contracting Office and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  These contracting units award and manage tens of millions of dollars in government contracts each year. A large portion of the contract solicitations issued are set-aside for small business concerns. In addition to these set-aside contracts, there is a broad range of business opportunities for small businesses as subcontractors and supplier vendors to both large and small prime government contractors.   

Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany - Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • Marine Corps Logistics Command (MARCORLOGCOM)  
  • Marine Depot Maintenance Center (MDMC) Albany
  • MARFORRES General Account (G-4 Supply) 
  • Defense Logistics Agency Distribution, DLA Distribution Albany  
  • Defense Logistics Agency – DLA Document Services 
  • Joint Program Executive Office - Chemical, Biological Defense Enterprise Fielding & Surveillance Directorate  (JPEO-CBD)  
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) 
  • Detachment 2, Supply Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 453  
  • Department of Defense Humanitarian Assistance-Excess Property Program (HAP-EP) 
  • Marine Corps Systems Command (SYSCOM)     

MCLB Albany - official website:     

MCLB Albany - base operator / locator:  (229) 639-5000 


Additional Resources for Small Businesses: 

MCLB Albany Contracting Office
M67004 Marine Corps Logistics Command 
814 Radford Blvd,
Albany, GA  31704   
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Support at MCLB Albany
DLA Distribution Albany DDAG-T
MCLB Building 1221 Door 20
814 Radford Blvd. 
Albany, Georgia 31704-1128
MCLB Albany Small Business Office
UIC: M67004
(Marine Corps Logistics Command)
Business Opportunities Center ATTN:
Code L08
814 Radford Blvd, Ste 20301
Albany, GA 31704-0301 
Phone:  229-639-6738  


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