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Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico: Small business opportunities and government contracting information at MCB Quantico. Subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors. Small business set-aside government projects at MCB Quantico. Compilation of the types of products, services, and materiel routinely procured by the base contracting office.  Also, points of contact for small businesses at MCB Quantico.  


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MCB Quantico is home to a diverse array of Marine Corps units, government training and educational institutions, and federal agencies. Most notably among these educational and training institutions are: the FBI Academy, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) training facility, and Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM). Within TECOM is Marine Corps University, Marine Corps War College, Marine Corps Command and Staff College, and the Marine Corps' Expeditionary Warfare School,  the Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning, Marine Corps Training and Education Command, College of Distance Education and Training, Communications School, Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, Marine Corps "The Basic School", and Weapons Training Battalion.

MCB Quantico is also home to the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC).  MCSC is responsible for management of major Marine Corps acquisition and procurement programs.  MCSC is the Marine Corps' senior Contracting Authority.  In this capacity, it has technical authority for Marine Corps' ground weapon acquisition programs and information technology procurement programs. 

 Marine Corps Base Quantico Map Virginia

Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico
is located in Northern Virginia
approximately 25 miles south of
Washington D.C.

The Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico is home to the Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 (HMX-1).  HMX-1 provides helicopter transport support (Marine 1) for the President of the United States. The Marine Corps Air Facility also supports transient aircraft landing at MCB Quantico. 

Marine Corps Base Quantico Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM)
      • The Basic School
      • Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Staff Training Program
      • Marine Corps University
      • Marine Corps Officer Candidates School (OCS) 
      • Marine Corps University
        -  Marine Corps War College 
        -  Marine Corps Command and Staff College 
        -  Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS)
        -  Enlisted Professional Military Education (PME)
  • Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning 
  • College of Distance Education and Training
  • Communications School
  • Defense Commissary Agency
  • Human Resources & Org. Mgmt.
  • Joint Non Lethal Weapons Directorate
  • Marine Corps Information Operations Center
  • Marine Corps Combat Development Command
  • Headquarters, Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC)
  • Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico
    • Marine Helicopter Squadron One
  • Marine Security Guard
  • MCAF Meteorology & Oceanographic Division
  • Marine Corps Recruiting Command
  • Weapons Training Battalion
  • Wounded Warrior Regiment
  • Naval Heath Clinic Quantico
  • The Marine Corps Brig 
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Academy 
  • The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Training Facility 
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) 
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Headquarters
  • Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Headquarters
  • Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Headquarters 

MCB Quantico - official website:       

MCB Quantico - base telephone directory:  

MCB Quantico - base operator:  (703) 784-2121


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Contracting Support at MCB Quantico:
The services, products, and resources from private industry needed to operate MCB Quantico and support its many tenant defense organizations / institutions comes from several Marine Corps and Federal Contracting Offices. These contracting offices award and manages hundreds of millions of dollars in defense contracts annually. Many of these contracts are reserved (set aside) for small business concerns. (See list below of Marine Corps and Federal Contracting Offices supporting MCB Quantico.

Marine Corps Systems Command Contracting Office  (Supporting major USMC acquisition and procurement programs.)
2200 Lester Street (Bldg 2209)
Quantico, Virginia 22134
Phone:  (703) 784-6553  /  (703) 784-6554  /  (703) 432-5378  /  (703) 432-9088  / (703) 432-3268
Marine Corps Regional Contracting Office, National Capital Region at Quantico 
2010 Henderson Road
Quantico, Virginia 22134-5045
Phone:  (703) 784-3512  /  (703) 784-5809  /  (703) 784-1920  /  (703) 784-2579 
Marine Corps Community Services (Contracting Office)
2112 Bauer Road
Quantico, Virginia 22134
Phone: (703) 784-1316 
Marine Corps Personal and Family Readiness Division (MRB) Contracting Support
3044 Caitlin Avenue
Quantico, VA, 22134-5099 
Phone: (703) 784-3804  /  (703) 784-6321 
Military Construction (MILCON) Contracting Support at MCB Quantico
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Washington
ROICC MCB Quantico
PO Box 1855
Bldg 2004 Barnett Avenue
Quantico , VA 22134
Phone: (703) 784-5378  
NAVFAC Washington - Contracts Office
1435 10th Street - Suite 3000
Building 218
Washington, DC, 20374-5063 
Phone: (202) 685-3157  /  (202) 685-3192 
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - Procurement Section
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20535
FBI Small Business Office website:

Master List of the types of products and services commonly purchased by
MCB Quantico and other military organizations and bases: (View Master List)