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Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort - New small business opportunities and contracting guidance for MCAS Beaufort. Information about vendor and supplier subcontracting requirements with prime defense contractors at MCAS Beaufort. Compilation of the types of services, products, and materiel routinely procured by the base contracting office.  Also, points of contact for small businesses at MCAS Beaufort is provided on this web page.  


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Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort is the home station for the Marine Aircraft Group 31 (MAG-31). MCAS Beaufort is the host airbase to U.S. Marine Corps' Atlantic Coast fixed-wing, fighter-attack aircraft. MCAS Beaufort is home to seven Marine Corps F/A- 18 jet fighter squadrons.  MCAS Beaufort is a training location for the new F-35B Lightning II fighter (stealth attack fighter). The intense flight operations at MCAS Beaufort give rise to the base's popular slogan, "The Noise You Hear, is the Sound of FREEDOM."

MCAS Beaufort supports operations for the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (2nd MAW).  MCAS Beaufort also provides support for II Marine Expeditionary Force (IIMEF) and Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island, South Carolina.  MCAS Beaufort has nearly 6,900 acres of government owned property supporting its operations and defense related activities.  

 MCAS Beaufort Marine Corps South Carolina
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort (MCAS Beaufort)
is located in southeast South Carolina at Beaufort.

There are approximately 3,400 personnel in MAG 31. MAG 31's squadrons routinely rotate overseas for deployments to the Middle East and to the Western Pacific.  MAG 31's aircraft and personnel also deploy aboard Navy aircraft carriers.  There are over 700 military personnel and over 600 civilian personnel who work at MCAS Beaufort preparing and supporting  MAG 31's squadrons for rapid operational deployment.     

Government contracting support for MCAS Beaufort is provided by the station's Contracting Office - Station Supply.  Each year, this contracting office awards and administers millions of dollars in government contracts. Many of these contracts are reserved for small business concerns. In addition, there is a broad range of business opportunities for small businesses who are interested in serving as subcontractors / supplier vendors to prime government contractors who provide support to MCAS Beaufort.  

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • Marine Aircraft Group 31 (MAG-31) 
    • Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 (MALS-31) 
    • Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 (MWSS-273)
    • Marine Air Control Squadron 2 (MACS-2)  
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 533 (VMFA-533)  
    • Strike Fighter Squadron 115 (VFA-115)  
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 224 (VMFA-224)  
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 (VMFA-122)  
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251 (VMFA-251)
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312 (VMFA-312)   
  • Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501   

MCAS Beaufort - official website:   

MCAS Beaufort - base operator:  843-228-7121

MCAS Beaufort Contracting Office
     UIC: M60169
     Contracting Office Station Supply
     Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort
     P. O. Box 55024
     Beaufort, SC 29904-5024
     Phone: 910-451-8424  


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