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 Malmstrom Air Force Base (AFB) 341st Missile Wing


Malmstrom Air Force Base (AFB) - This web page provides information and guidance for doing business with Malmstrom AFB. Included on this web page is information about subcontracting with prime defense contractors supporting the 341st Missile Wing, the 819th RED HORSE Squadron, and other Air Force and DoD units located at Malmstrom AFB.  


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The 341st Missile Wing is the host unit for Malmstrom AFB.  As the host unit, the 341st Missile Wing is responsible for providing base support services, such as civil engineering, supply/logistics, housing and billeting, medical, personnel, and other support functions. The 341st Missile Wing has over 3,300 active-duty military and approximately 600 federal civilian employees. 

The 341st Missile Wing maintains and operates the Minuteman III nuclear Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). The 341st Missile Wing is one of three operational intercontinental ballistic missile units. The 341st Missile Wing is responsible for 150 Minuteman III ICBMs, 15 missile alert facilities, and 150 remote launch facilities. These missiles and facilities are dispersed across an 13,800 square mile area in central Montana. The 341st Missile Wing also operates 8 UH-1N "Huey" helicopters needed to support missile operations across a widely dispersed complex.

Malmstrom AFB is also home to the 819th RED HORSE Squadron.  The 819th RED HORSE Squadron is an "associate unit" with approximately two-thirds of its 300 personnel being active-duty military and the other third Montana Air National Guard members. The 819th RED HORSE Squadron is a self-sufficient, mobile squadron able to deploy rapidly worldwide to remote, austere environments.The squadron provides heavy repair capability and construction support when requirements exceed normal base civil engineer capabilities (and where Army Corps of Engineers support is not readily available).

Malmstrom Air Force Base (AFB) Map 

Malmstrom Air Force Base is
located at Great Falls, Montana.

Malmstrom AFB Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • 341st Missile Wing (341 MW)
    • 341st Operations Group
    • 341st Maintenance Group
    • 341st Security Forces Group
    • 341st Mission Support Group
    • 341st Medical Group
  • 819th RED HORSE Squadron 

    Malmstrom AFB - official website: 

    Malmstrom AFB - base operator:  406-731-1110 

    Malmstrom AFB Contracting Office:  
    The 341st Contracting Squadron (341st CONS) provides contracting and procurement support 
    for the military units assigned to Malmstrom AFB.

      341st Contracting Squadron
      7015 Goddard Drive
      Malmstrom AFB, Montana 59402  
        Contract Specialist Phone Numbers:  406-731-4555  /  406-731-3996  /  406-731-4014  /  406-731-4004  /  406-731-4031   

        Small Business Opportunities at Malmstrom AFB  
        There are both small business set-aside contracts and numerous subcontracting opportunities at Malmstrom AFB. For information about current small business opportunities at this military installation, contact the Malmstrom Air Force Base small business specialist.