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 Fort Jackson BCT U.S. Army  

Fort Jackson - Small business contracting information, new business opportunities, and subcontracting requirements with prime defense contractors at Fort Jackson. List of the types of services, equipment, parts, consumables, and products routinely procured by the Fort Jackson contracting office. Helpful points of contact and assistance with doing business at Fort Jackson. 


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Fort Jackson is the U.S. Army's largest and most active "Initial Entry Training Center."  It provides Basic Combat Training (BCT) to almost 50% of the Army's new recruits who enter the service. More than 45,000 soldiers complete BCT at Fort Jackson each year. BCT is the introduction recruits receive as they enter the Army; completing BCT takes 10 weeks.  

In addition to BCT, Fort Jackson is host to many other Army training programs and schools. These training programs / schools include: the Master Resilience Training School, Initial Military Training IMT Leadership SchoolU.S. Army Physical Fitness SchoolArmy Drill Sergeant School, Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Platoon Sergeant School, and the AIT – Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic School

 Fort Jackson South Carolina U.S. Army
Fort Jackson is located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Also located at Fort Jackson is the 902d Military Intelligence Group (MIG).  The 902 MIG conducts counterintelligence operations for the Army.  The 902 MIG's mission is to detect, identify, neutralize, and exploit Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS), and terrorist threats. 

Over 3,500 active-duty Soldiers (and their families) are assigned to Fort Jackson.  In addition, Fort Jackson employs 3,500 civilians. Fort Jackson has an annual economic impact of $2.2 billion on Columbia's economy.   

There are hundreds of government contracting opportunities for small businesses at Fort Jackson.  Each year, Fort Jackson's contracting office awards millions of dollars in small business set-aside contracts. For small businesses who want to do business with Fort Jackson, there are numerous opportunities to partner with large prime contractors as subcontractors or as vendor suppliers. 

Military Units and Defense Organizations at Fort Jackson  

  • Basic Combat Training (BCT)  
  • 165th Infantry Brigade 
  • 193rd Infantry Brigade
  • 171st Infantry Brigade 
  • 902nd Military Intelligence Group 
  • Life Cycle Management Command (TACOM FMX) 
  • Leader Training Brigade 
  • Master Resilience Training School 
  • Initial Military Training (IMT) Leadership School
  • U.S. Army Physical Fitness School 
  • U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School 
  • Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Platoon Sergeant 
  • U.S. Army Student Detachment 
  • AIT – Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic School 
  • Task Force Marshall   

Fort Jackson - official website:  

Fort Jackson - base locator:  (803) 751-7611 

Fort Jackson Contracting  
The Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC) at Fort Jackson provides contracting support and contract administration for Army and tenant units on-post. The Ft Jackson MICC is the installation's primary purchasing and contract management activity. 
     Fort Jackson Contracting Office (MICC) 
     4340 Magruder Avenue, 1st Floor
     Fort Jackson, South Carolina 29207

Fort Jackson Small Business Programs 
Fort Jackson has an active Small Business support program.  The Fort Jackson small business specialists assist small businesses with contracting opportunities.  To request assistance, contact a Fort Jackson small business specialist.  Use the link below to find and contact the appropriate small business specialist.


What types of products and services are procured by Fort Jackson? 
We have compiled a master list of the types of products and services that are routinely
procured commercially (or contracted for) by this defense installation and other military
bases and DoD organizations.  
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