Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) - Small Business Base Contracting Information and Guidance

 Fort Hood U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division III Corps


Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) U.S. Army - Fort Hood.  Small business contracting opportunities and guidance for doing business with Fort Cavazos and U.S. Army units located at this installation. Provided below is a compilation of the various types of services, products, equipment, and consumable goods procured by the Fort Cavazos base contracting office. Also provided are points of contact for doing business at this Army installation along with a list of major on-site Army units and tenant organizations. 


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Fort Cavazos is home to numerous U.S. Army units and defense organizations.  Three of the largest units are the  III Armored Corps, the First Army Division (West), and the 1st Cavalry Division. 

The III Armored Corps is a major U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) organization. III Armored Corps trains and prepares for rapid deployment worldwide. It is able to conduct Army, joint, and multi-national force missions on a global basis. The III Corps has four combat divisions, a sustainment command, a cavalry regiment, a fires brigade, and various support units comprised of more than 100,000 soldiers.   

First Army's Division (West) provides realistic battle training and mobilization preparation support for both active and reserve Army component forces in the western area of the United States. 

The First Cavalry Division is a combined arms U.S. Army combat organization. It's +26,000 soldiers utilize both armored warfare, combat aviation, and mechanized infantry.

Fort Cavazos, Texas  U.S. Army Location Map

Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) is located about 60 miles
north of Austin, Texas.

Military Units and DoD Tenant Organizations at Fort Cavazos   

  • III Army Corps 
  • First Army Division West 
  • 1st Cavalry Division 
  • 36th Engineer Brigade 
  • 13th Sustainment Command 
  • 3rd Cavalry Regiment 
  • 41st Fires Brigade 
  • 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade 
  • 89th Military Police Brigade 
  • 85th Civil Affairs Brigade 
  • 1st Medical Brigade 
  • Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center (CRDAMC)
  • Army Operational Test Command 
  • 13th Financial Management Center 
  • 407th Army Field Support Brigade 
  • 48th Chemical Brigade 
  • 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade 
  • 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion
  • 62nd Expeditionary Signal Battalions

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Fort Cavazos - base operator and locator:  254-286-5139

Fort Cavazos - Base Contracting 
The 418th Contracting Support Brigade at Fort Cavazos provides both government contracting administration and contract procurement support for the various U.S. Army and defense organizations located on-site. The base contracting office is a subordinate unit of the Army's Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC). 

    418th Contracting Support Brigade
    Building 2241, 58th Street and Support Ave.
    Fort Cavazos, Texas 76544
    Phone:  254-553-9502
    Fort Cavazos MICC 
    761st Tank Battalion Ave., Room W103
    Fort Cavazos, Texas 76544-5025
    Contracting Specialists at Fort Cavazos: 
    Phone: 254-288-0292  /  254-287-5575  /  254-287-7738  /  254-287-3057         

Fort Cavazos Small Business Programs 
Fort Cavazos's Small Business Advisor (SBA) assists small businesses wanting to do business with the base and its on-site units. You can contact the Fort Cavazos Small Business Office to set up an appointment with an SBA and learn more about engaging in business with this Army installation. 

Additional Resources for Small Businesses: 

    Types of products and services procured by Fort Cavazos
    The Defense Studies Institute has compiled a master list of the types of products and services 
    that are routinely purchased commercially (or contracted for) by this Army installation and other
    defense organizations.  
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