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Fort Drum (U.S. Army) - New business opportunities and defense contracting information. Current procurement support requirements at Fort Drum (materiel, products, parts, equipment, and specialized services). Also, overview of subcontracting and supplier / vendor opportunities with prime defense contractors. Points of contact U.S. Army and DoD organizations located at Fort Drum.  


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Fort Drum is home to the U.S. Army's famed 10th Mountain Division and a number of other military detachments and DoD units. Fort Drum has over 19,605 active duty military personnel. Fort Drum is the largest employer in northern New York.

The annual economic impact of Fort Drum is estimated to be in excess of $1,505,857,420. Fort Drum's facilities and training grounds encompass 107,265 acres.

Fort Drum Map New York
Fort Drum is located 5 miles northeast
of Watertown, New York
(about 20 miles from Lake Ontario). 

Organizations and Units at Fort Drum:

  • 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) 
    • 1st Brigade Combat Team 
    • 2nd Brigade Combat Team 
    • 3rd Brigade Combat Team 
    • 4th Brigade Combat Team 
    • 10th Mountain Division Artillery (DIVARTY)
    • 10th Aviation Brigade
    • 10th Sustainment Brigade
  • U.S. Army Materiel Command Field Support Command (FSC)  
  • 20th Air Support Operations Squadron (U.S. Air Force) 
  • Naval Reserve Center - Fort Drum 
  • 174th Fighter Wing Air-Ground Gunnery Range (New York Air National Guard) 
  • Noncommissioned Officers Academy
  • 1215th U.S. Army Reserve Garrison Support Unit 
  • 63rd Ordnance Battalion (EOD) 
  • 7th Engineer Battalion

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    Small Business Opportunities and Set-Aside Contracts at Ft Drum: 
    There are enormous business opportunities with the U.S. Army and DoD at Fort Drum. These opportunities include Government contracts for both large, prime defense contractors and small businesses. Each year, there are tens of millions of dollars in work set-aside exclusively for small business concerns.  In addition, there are numerous opportunities for companies who want to partner with prime defense contractors as subcontractors and vendor/suppliers.

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      Contracting Support for Fort Drum and co-located DoD units:
      Contracting support for Fort Drum is provided by an on-site Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC) office. This MICC office handles the daily procurement requirements for the 10th Mountain Division and other various on-base agencies and organizations. 

      Army Contracting Command, MICC - Fort Drum
      45 West Street
      Fort Drum, New York 13602-5220
      Phone: 315-772-8569  /  315-772-4112  /  315-772-9908  /  315-772-5396  
      What types of products and services are procured by Fort Drum? 
      We have compiled a master list of the types of products and services that are routinely
      procured commercially (or contracted for) by this defense installation and other military
      bases and DoD organizations.  
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