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 Dobbins Air Reserve Base - 94th Air Wing

Dobbins Air Reserve Base (ARB)
- Small business contracting information and guidance for doing business with Dobbins ARB and the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC). Compilation of the types of services, products, and materiel routinely procured by Dobbin's base contracting office. Subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors supporting the 94th Air Wing and AFRC operations.  


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Dobbins ARB is an Air Force Reserve Base under the command of Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command.  The host air wing at Dobbins is the 94th Airlift Wing (94 AW).

The 94th AW has three three groups (Operations Group, Maintenance Group, and Mission Support Group.)  The 94th Aeromedical Staging Squadron is also part of the 94th AW.  

The 94th Air Wing has approximately 2,500 military and civilian personnel.  In addition, Dobbins ARB has 13 tenant units the include 12,000 personnel.    

 Dobbins ARB Air Reserve Base Georgia
Dobbins Air Reserve Base is located
in Marietta, Georgia (about 10 miles
northwest of Atlanta).

The 94 AW flies C-130-H3 cargo aircraft.  The 94 AW has eight of these aircraft.  The 94 AW provides an airlift re-supply capability to operational military forces.  The 94 AW also flies routine airlift  missions for military theater commanders and airlift employment operations in combat zones or forward areas.  The C-130-H3 aircraft is also able to support aeromedical and refugee evacuation missions. If called upon, 94 AW aircrews can airlift and deliver paratroopers and equipment by airdrop.    

Supporting the contracting activities for Dobbins Air Reserve Base is the 94th Contracting Flight  (94th CONF/LGC).  Each year, the  94th CONF/LGC awards and administers millions of dollars in defense contracts.  By federal law, a large percentage of these contracts are set-aside for award to small business concerns.  There are also numerous opportunities for small businesses to partner with prime contractors as subcontractors and products / materials / services suppliers.     

Dobbins Air Reserve Base Military Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • 94th Airlift Wing
  • 22nd Air Force  
  • Office of Special Investigations (U.S. Air Force) 
  • Civil Air Patrol 
  • Expeditionary Combat Support (U.S. Marine Corps)  
  • Force Support Combat School (U.S. Air Force)  
  • PRIME RIBS School   "Prime Readiness in Base Services (RIBS)"  (U.S. Air Force)  
  • Georgia Air National Guard - Headquarters  
  • Lockheed Martin - Air Force Plant # 6  
  • Navy and Marine Reserve Center  
  • Transportation Proficiency Center  
  • U.S. Army Reserve  
  • Clay National Guard Center  

Dobbins ARB - official website: 

Dobbins ARB - base operator:  (678) 655-3835 

Dobbins ARB Contracting Office
     94th Contracting Flight  94 CONF/LGC
     1538 Atlantic Ave 
     Dobbins ARB, GA 30069-4917

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