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Columbus Air Force Base (AFB) - Overview of small business contracting opportunities at Columbus AFB. Information about small business set-aside contracts and subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors working at Columbus AFB and supporting the 14th Flying Training Wing. Master list of the types of services, products, and materiel routinely procured by the base contracting office.  


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Columbus AFB is home to the 14th Flight Training Wing (14th FTW).  The 14th FTW provides Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) for the Air Force as well as allied foreign officers.  

The 14th FTW is maintains and flies 244 aircraft to include: T-6A Texan II, T-38 Talon, and the T-1A Jayhawk. The 14th FTW also has 27 flight simulators. Each year the 14th FTW flies 55,000 sorties totalling 77,000 flight hours. The 14th FTW trains over 400 pilots and combat system operators in an average year.  

Columbus AFB and the 14th FTW has an annual operations and maintenance budget of $106 million.  The capital assets at Columbus AFB totals over $1.3 billion.  Columbus AFB encompasses 6,013-acres. There are approximately 3,000 military and federal civilian personnel assigned to Columbus AFB. 

Columbus AFB Air Force Map

Columbus AFB is located about 6 miles
north of Columbus, Mississippi. 

The 81st Fighter Squadron (unit with the 14th FTW) provides tactical flight training for Afghan pilots and aircraft maintainers.  This training is conducted off-station at Moody AFB, Georgia.  The 81st Fighter Squadron at Moody was activated in January, 2015. The 81st Fighter Squadron flies 20 A-29 Super Tucano aircraft.  The Afghan pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel are trained to support air-to-ground fires and aerial reconnaissance missions when they return to Afghanistan.  

To sustain its operations and support activities, Columbus AFB relies upon products, services, and materiel from private industry.  The 14th FTW's Contracting Office at Columbus AFB awards and administers an estimated $98 million annually in government contracts.  A significant portion of these contracts are set aside for small businesses. There are also numerous opportunities for small businesses to do work at Columbus AFB as vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors to prime government contractors supporting the 14th FTW.   

Columbus AFB Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • 14th Flying Training Wing (14th FTW) 
  • 14th Operations Group
  • 14th Mission Support Group
    • 14th Civil Engineering Squadron (14 CES) 
    • 14th Communications Squadron (14 CS) 
    • 14th Contracting Squadron (14 CONS) 
    • 14th Logistics Readiness Squadron (14 LRS) 
    • 14th Security Forces Squadron (14 SFS) 
    • 14th Mission Support Squadron (14 MSS)
  • 14th Medical Group  

Columbus AFB website:

Columbus AFB Telephone Directory: 

Columbus AFB Base Operator:  Phone (662) 434-1110 

14th FTW Contracting Office
The 14th FTW Contracting Squadron (14th CONS) supports Columbus AFB and the 14th FTW's flight training operations and support activities. The 14th CONS plans, negotiates, awards, and administers government contracts for Columbus AFB.  The 14th CONS handles over $98 million annually in government contracts. 
     14th FTW Contracting Squadron (14th CONS)
     555 Seventh Street
     Suite 113
     Columbus AFB, Mississippi 39710-1006
     Phones:  (662) 434-7797  /  (662) 434-7796  /  (662) 434-3694  /  (662) 434-7763

     Columbus Air Force Base (AFB) Small Business Office: 
     Phone:  (662) 434-7805

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