Civil Service Employment - Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth (NAS Fort Worth JRB)

Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth


Civil Service Jobs & Employment - Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth (NAS Fort Worth JRB). There are approximately 11,300 military and civilian employees working at NAS Fort Worth JRB. The annual economic impact of NAS Fort Worth JRB is estimated to be over $1.3 billion to the North Central Texas region.

Applications from the public are being accepted. 

On-base civil service jobs provide support for military reserve and guard units. Civilian job opportunities exist across a broad spectrum of skills and duties. Qualified U.S. citizens are encouraged to apply for these positions.

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 Guidebook: How to Get a Civil Service Job at a Military Base


There are frequent civilian employment opportunities at Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth. Some of the Naval and DoD agencies at Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth with current job openings (or may have in the near future) include: 

  • Navy Reserve Units  
    • Headquarters, NAS Fort Worth JRB
    • Fleet Logistics Support Wing (COMFLELOGSUPWING
    • Tactical Support Wing (CTSW)
    • Naval Reserve Intelligence Command (COMNAVRESINTCOM)
    • Navy Operational Support Center Fort Worth (NOSC Fort Worth)
    • Reserve Intelligence Area Southeast (RIASE)
    • Expeditionary Medical Facility Dallas One (EMF DAL ONE)
    • Expeditionary Medical Facility Dallas One
    • Detachtment Foxtrot (EMF DAL ONE DET F)
    • Naval Branch Health & Dental Clinic, Detachment Fort Worth
    • Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Jacksonville Detachment at Fort Worth
    • Fleet Readiness Center, West (FRC West)
    • Maritime Expeditionary Security Detachment 541 (MESD 541)
    • Naval Air Technical Data And Engineering Service Command Detachment
    • Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
    • Detachment (NCTSPENS)
    • Ninth Naval Construction Regiment
    • Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 22 (NMCB 22)
  •  Marine Corps Reserve Units  
    • Marine Air Group 41 (MAG-41)
    • Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron 112 (VMFA-112)
    • Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 234 (VMGR-234)
    • 14th Marine Regiment
    • 8th Marine Corps Recruiting District
    • Marine Air Control Squadron 24 (MACS-24)
  • Air Force Reserve Units 
    • Tenth Air Force (10 AF) Headquarters
    • 301st Fighter Wing (301 FW)
  • Army Reserve Units  
    • 370th Chemical Company
    • 607th Military Police Battalion
    • 90th Aviation Support Battalion
  • Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) positions base-wide
    • Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA)   
    • Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) 
  • Texas Air National Guard (Texas ANG)
    • 36th Airlift Wing (136 AW)

NAS Fort Worth JRB is operated by the U.S. Navy Reserve. In addition to the Navy Reserve, this base also has Marine Corps Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, and Texas Air National Guard personnel and aircraft. Operationally, NAS Fort Worth JRB military units fly fighter aircraft and airlift aircraft from the Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, and the Air Force Reserve.  


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  3. Correctly setting up your own personal USAJOBS employment account. 
  4. Knowing how to create a "high-scoring" federal resume (federal resumes are very different from corporate resumes.)
  5. Knowing which "Key Words" to use in your resume and application package.
  6. Knowing how to correctly answer "Supplemental Questions" required for many position applications. 
  7. Knowing how to "ace" a federal job interview - it helps to know what to expect and how to prepare so you outshine the other candidates.   


Categories of Federal Civil Service Occupations


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