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Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point: Small business opportunities and contracting information. Subcontractors are needed for current and upcoming new government projects. Compilation of the types of products, services, and materiel routinely procured by the contracting office at MCAS Cherry Point. Points of contact and telephone directory for Marine Corps and DoD organizations stationed at MCAS Cherry Point.  


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Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point is the home station for the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (2nd MAW).  The 2nd MAW provides the aviation combat element for the II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF).  2nd MAW is comprised of five aviation groups based out of Cherry Point, New River, and Beaufort. These five aviation groups fly and maintain a wide array of aircraft to include: fixed wing aircraft, rotary aircraft, tilt rotor aircraft, and unmanned aircraft systems. 

Marine Transport Squadron One (VMR-1) provides high speed, short and medium range rapid multipurpose light transport for key Department of Defense (DoD) personnel. VMR-1 also supports the wartime transport of high priority passengers and cargo. 

Combat Logistics Company 21 (CLC-21) provides intermediate motorized transport and supply support to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. CLC-21 also maintains the 2nd MAW's ground support equipment.  CLC-21 manages and operates the Aerial Port of Embarkation / Debarkation (APOE/D). CLC-21 provides specialized Base Operating Support (BOS) for MCAS Cherry Point activities such as postal operations, base exchange, military police, human resources, transportation management, and bulk fuel support. 

 Cherry Point MCAS Map Marine Corps Air Station North Carolina
Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point
is located on the Atlantic Coast of North Carolina on the
 edge of the Croatan National Forest on the Neuse River.

Also located at MCAS Cherry Point is the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit (CNATT).  CNATT provides specialized aviation maintenance training for personnel supporting the AV-8B Harrier jet, the C/KC-130J Hercules aircraft, aircraft avionics, and aviation ordnance.      

Government contracting support for MCAS Cherry Point is provided by the station's Contracting Office. The Cherry Point contracting office awards and administers hundreds of millions of dollars in defense contracts each year. A large number of the government contracts are reserved (set aside) for small business concerns. 

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (2nd MAW) 
  • Marine Transport Squadron One (VMR-1)   
  • Combat Logistics Company 21 (CLC-21)  
  • Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit (CNATT)  

MCAS Cherry Point - official website:      

MCAS Cherry Point Contracting Office
PSC Box 8018
MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533-0018
Phone: (252) 466-2022  /  (252) 466-4038 

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Master List of the types of products and services commonly purchased by
MCAS Cherry Point  and other military organizations and bases: (View Master List)  


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