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Cannon Air Force Base (AFB) - 27th Special Operations Wing (SOW)


Cannon Air Force Base (AFB) - Government contracting information and small business guidance for doing business with Cannon AFB. Included on this web page is information about subcontracting with prime defense contractors supporting the 27th Special Operations Wing and other DoD units located at Cannon AFB. Below is a master list of the types of products, equipment, and services routinely procured to support operations at Cannon AFB.  


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Cannon AFB Organizations and Tenant Units 

  • 27th Special Operations Wing (27 SOW)
    • 27th Operations Group
    • 27th Maintenance Group
    • 27th Mission Support Group 
    • 27th Medical Group


The host unit at Cannon AFB is the 27th Special Operations Wing. The 27 SOW is a subordinate unit of Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The 27 SOW provides intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and close air support for U.S. special operations forces.  

The 27 SOW is organized into four groups and 24 squadrons. This wing is equipped with 107 specialized aircraft. The primary types of aircraft flown and maintained the 27 SOW include: 

  • CV-22 Osprey
  • MQ-9 Reaper
  • MQ-1 Predator
  • AC-130H Spectre
  • AC-130W Stinger II
 Cannon Air Force Base (AFB) Map New Mexico

Cannon Air Force Base is located 4 miles
southwest of Clovis, New Mexico..

Cannon AFB official website:

Cannon AFB operator and locator assistance:  575-784-1110

Cannon AFB Contracting Office:  
The 27th Special Operations Contracting Squadron provides contracting support and business advice to the senior leadership at Cannon AFB. The 27th SOCONS plans, negotiates, awards, and administers government contracts for Cannon AFB. 

          27th Special Operations Contracting Squadron (27 SOCONS)
          110 East Alison Ave
          Building 600
          Cannon AFB, New Mexico 88103-5321 
          Primary Phone: 575-784-2321

            Contract Specialist Phone Numbers:  
            575-784-2880  /  575-784-2942  /  575-684-2876  /  575-784-4850  /  575-784-6073  /  575-784-6184

      Small Business and Subcontracting Opportunities at Cannon AFB: 
      There are numerous opportunities for small businesses who want to support base activities conducted at Cannon AFB. There are also frequent subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors. For information about current small business opportunities at Cannon AFB, contact the base small business specialist. 

      What types of products and services are routinely procured by Cannon AFB? 
      You can view a compiled a master list of the types of products and services that are routinely procured commercially
      (or contracted for) by Cannon AFB and other military bases and DoD organizations across the United States.  
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