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Blount Island Command (BICmd) - Jacksonville, FL

Blount Island Command (BICmd) - Small business contracting opportunities and assistance with doing business at BICmd.  Master list of the types of products, services, equipment, and materials routinely procured by BICmd to support its operations and logistics activities. An overview of opportunities to subcontract with prime defense contractors supporting logistics operations at Blount Island Command.  


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Blount Island Command is operationally under the command of the Marine Corps Logistics Command (MARCORLOGCOM). MARCORLOGCOM is located at Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia.  BICmd manages Marine Corps Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) programs.   

BICmd's functional responsibilities for military forces include: 

  • Depot maintenance of Marine Corps' Maritime Prepositioning Ships
  • Oversight of the Marine Corps Prepositioning Program in Norway 

Blount Island Command BICmd Jacksonville Marine Corps
Blount Island Command is located in
Jacksonville, Florida on the St. Johns River
(about 8 miles from Naval Station Mayport).

    Also located at Blount Island is the Marine Corps’ prepositioning program staff and the Blount Island Command.  Blount Island Command is responsible for the global support of Marine expeditionary forces.  

    Blount Island Command's location offers a number of strategic advantages such as: 

    •  A private marine slipway with 5 large vessel berths.  These berths are located only 8 miles from Naval Station Mayport and the St. Johns River's outlet to the Atlantic Ocean  
    • Close proximity (about 218 miles) to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany in Georgia 
    • Convenient access to the Navy's industrial support facilities at Naval Station Mayport and Naval Air Station Jacksonville  
    • BICmd has more than 33 acres of equipment / materiel staging area (located adjacent to the 1,000-foot pier and maintenance area on the St Johns River  
    • BICmd has an overflow staging and maintenance area that can support the loading or off-loading of Maritime Prepositioning Ships (MPS)  

    Approximately once every 36 months, the Marine Corps / Navy's Maritime Prepositioning Ships must go into dry dock for inspection and maintenance.  The ships' equipment is then inspected, maintained, and then tested.  Support vehicles for the ship are also repaired and painted as required.  Vehicle and equipment modifications and upgrades are installed (or replaced) during this time.  Maritime Prepositioning Ship maintenance is supported by a workforce of approximately 250 military and government employees. There are also about 1,000 civilian contractors augmenting this workforce.   

    Contact Information:
         Blount Island Command
         Commanding Officer / Secretary
         Phone: (904) 696-5100
         BICmd Website:

    Contracting Office for BICmd:
         Code 901, Contracting Office
         Blount Island Command
         Jacksonville, FL 32226
         Phone: (904) 696-5170

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