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Beale Air Force Base (AFB) - Contracting information and assistance for small businesses wanting to do business with Beale AFB, the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, the 940th Wing, and other on-base military units. This webpage provides helpful insight regarding subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors working at Beale AFB. At the bottom of this web page is a compilation of the types of services, products, and materials routinely procured by Beale AFB organizations along with points of contact at the base contracting office.  


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Overview of Beale AFB 

The host unit at Beale AFB is the 9th Reconnaissance Wing (9 RW). The 9th Reconnaissance Wing has approximately 7,000 military, civilian and contractor personnel. Colonel Broadwell is also responsible for the Air Force’s entire high-altitude reconnaissance fleet of RQ-4 Global Hawk, and U-2 Dragon Lady aircraft. The 9th Reconnaissance Wing is comprised of five groups and five overseas operating locations. 

The 940th Air Refueling Wing (ARW) is an Air Force Reserve Command unit. The 940th Air Refueling Wing flies and maintains eight KC-135R Stratotankers aircraft. The 940th ARW has approximately 1200 reserve personnel. The 940th ARW performs in-flight air refueling, cargo and passenger airlift, aeromedical evacuation, and humanitarian support; during peacetime or in support of contingency operations.

Also located at Beale AFB are several specialized Air Force Reserve squadrons and a California Air National Guard squadron.

Beale AFB - Major Organizations and Tenant Units 

  •  9th Reconnaissance Wing (9 RW)
    • 9th Operations Group 
      9th Maintenance Group 
      9th Mission Support Group 
      9th Medical Group 
  • 940th Wing - AF Reserve Command
    • 349th Operations Group
    • 349th Maintenance Group
    • 349th Mission Support Group 
    • 940th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
  • 548th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
    • 234th Intelligence Squadron (California Air National Guard)
  • Other AF Reserve Command Units at Beale AFB
    • 13th Reconnaissance Squadron 
    • 38th Intelligence Squadron
    • 50th Intelligence Squadron 
    • 713th Combat Operations Squadron
Beale Air Force Base (AFB) Map California

Beale AFB is located approximately
50 miles north of Sacramento, California.

Beale AFB official website:

Beale AFB base operator: 530-634-3000

Beale AFB Contracting Support: 
The military units at Beale AFB receive the majority of contracting support from the 9th Contracting Squadron (60 CONS). 

      60th Contracting Squadron
      6500 B St Ste 101
      Beale AFB, California 95903-1712

      Contracting Specialists Phone Numbers:  
      530-634-2847  /  530-634-3374  /  530-634-8339  /  530-634-3404

Small Business Opportunities at Beale AFB: 

Each year, there are numerous opportunities for small businesses who want to engage in business with Beale AFB and the various Air Force units located on base. There are also numerous subcontracting and vendor / supplier opportunities for small businesses with prime defense contractors. For information about current small business opportunities at Beale AFB, contact the base small business specialist (DoD Small Business Directory Master List).

Additional Resources for Small Businesses: