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Altus Air Force Base (AFB) - Overview of on-base contracting opportunities at Altus AFB. This web page provides information about small business set-aside contracting and subcontracting opportunities with prime defense contractors supporting the 97th Air Mobility Wing. Also provided is a master list of the types of services, products, and materiel routinely procured by the 97th Contracting Flight (base contracting office).   


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Altus AFB is home to the 97th Air Mobility Wing (97 AMW). The 97th AMW maintains and flies the C-17 Globemaster III (cargo aircraft) and KC-135R Stratotanker (air refueling tanker).

The 97th AMW conducts flight training and aircraft maintenance training for Air Force personnel (active duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve) and for international students from allied air forces. Each year this unit trains nearly 3000 flight crew and aircraft maintenance students who will be flying and maintaining C-17 and KC-135R aircraft. 

Recent government economic studies have indicated that Altus AFB has an annual economic impact of over $337 million on the Oklahoma region. This includes nearly $38 million in military construction related projects. Each year, the Altus AFB contracting office awards and administers nearly $30 million in Government contracts.

At any given point in time, there is an average of 3,486 military personnel and 1,533 civilian personnel (civil service and contractors) assigned to and working at Altus AFB. 

Altus AFB Air Force Base Oklahoma Map

Altus AFB is located approximately
30 miles west of Lawton, Oklahoma. 

Altus AFB Organizations and Units 

  • 97th Air Mobility Wing (97 AMW) 
    • 97th Operations Group
    • 97th Maintenance Group
    • 97th Mission Support Group
    • 97th Medical Group


Altus AFB - official website:

Altus AFB - telephone directory:
Altus AFB - base operator and locator:  Phone 580-482-8100 

97th Contracting Flight (Base Contracting) Office
The 97th Contracting Flight awards and administers government contracts for the procurement of commercial products and services needed to meet the operational, training, and base support requirements for Altus AFB and the units located on-base. Total annual contracting program at Altus AFB is nearly $30 million.
     97th AMW Contracting Flight 
     308 North 1st Street,  Suite 2301
     Bldg 52
     Altus AFB, Oklahoma 73523-5003
     Phones: 580-481-6041  /  580-481-7263  /  580-481-5839  /  580-481-5837  /  580-481-7545

Small Business Contracting at Altus AFB
The 97th Contracting Flight also manages base's small business program. For specific information about small business opportunities at Altus AFB, contact a small business specialist at this base.