Types of Positions Currently Available with the Federal Civil Service

Categories of Federal Civil Service Occupations and Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) Jobs with the United States Government. Below is a master list of the major categories of civil service jobs with federal agencies and at military bases and Department of Defense installations. This list includes the federal occupational groups and the specific series within each group.

NOTE:  Most Urgent Hiring Needs are prefixed with an asterisk *

VIEW:  Federal Occupational Series Code Designators

Department of Defense


Civil Service - Administrative Clerical Civil Service - Medical Civil Service - Accounting Finance
* Administrative & Clerical * Medical * Accounting & Finance
Civil Service - Veterinarian Civil Service - Engineering & Architecture
Civil Service - Legal 
Veterinarian * Engineering & Architecture * Legal

Civil Service - Public Affairs & Media

Civil Service - Contracting & Business Management Civil Service - Librarian
Public Affairs & Media * Contracting & Business Librarian
 Civil Service - Mathematics & Statistics  Civil Service - Facilities & Services  Civil Service - Education
* Mathematics & Statistics * Facilities & Civil Engineering * Education & Training
 Civil Service - Inspection & Safety  Civil Service - Transportation & Supply
Civil Service - Information Technology
Investigation & Safety * Transportation & Logistics * Information Technologies


 Civil Service - Industrial Trades  Civil Service - Electronics  Commissary Services
* Industrial Trades * Electronics Commissary Services


 Civil Service - Base Exchange
Civil Service - Aircraft Maintenance
 Civil Service - Shipyard Support
Base Exchange Services * Aircraft Maintenance * Shipyard Operations & Support


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