Table of Contents - How to Successfully Subcontract with Prime Defense Contractors

How to Subcontract with Prime Defense Contractors

Table of Contents:  

SECTION 1: Overview of Subcontracting to Prime DoD Contractors 

Prime Defense Contractors Are Required to Subcontract with Small Businesses 
Why the Government Supports Teaming Arrangements 
Does Your Company Qualify as a Small Business? 
Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) 
Qualifications for Being a Government Subcontractor 
Small Business Set-Aside Programs 
Categories of Small Business Set-Aside and Subcontracting Opportunities 
Small Business Contracting Goals 

SECTION 2: Getting Started with Subcontracting 

Pros and Cons of Subcontracting 
Types of Subcontractors and Vendors that Prime Contractors Typically Seek 
How Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) Can Help You with Subcontracting 

SECTION 3: How to Find Prime Contractors who may Want to
Subcontract with your Company 

How to Find and Contact Prime Defense Contractors who are Looking for Small Business Subcontractors 
Using the Small Business Administration’s Subcontracting Opportunities Directory 
How SBA Can Assist You with Subcontracting
How to Use the SUB-Net to Find Current DoD Subcontracting Opportunities 
The General Services Administration (GSA) Subcontracting Directory 
Mentor-Protégé Program (Small Business Administration) 
Mentor-Protégé Program (Department of Defense) 
Using to Find Subcontracting Opportunities 
How DoD Small Business Offices Can Help You 
Master Lists of DoD Small Business Offices across the United States

SECTION 4: Requirements for Subcontracting with Prime DoD Contractors 

What Are the Prime Contractor’s Subcontracting Requirements?
Subcontracting Plan Requirements 
How Much Work Is a Subcontractor Allowed to Perform for the Prime Contractor? 
How to Determine which Subcontracting Tasks Match Your Company’s Unique Capabilities 
Directory of Prime Defense Contractors 
Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) 

SECTION 5: Teaming and Subcontracting Agreements 

Types of Teaming Arrangements 
Understanding Contractor Teaming and Subcontracting Agreements 
How to Vet Prospective Team Partners 
Important Issues to Address in Teaming and Subcontractor Agreements 
The Importance of Obtaining Legal Expertise before Entering into a Teaming Arrangement 

SECTION 6: Legal Considerations regarding Subcontracting 

Contract Privity Explained 
Key Elements of the Subcontracting Relationship 
Subcontracting Kickbacks Are Prohibited 
Unreasonable Restrictions on Subcontractor Sales 
Small Business Affiliation Criteria 

SECTION 7: Long Term Success as a Defense Subcontractor 

Long Term Success as a Defense Subcontractor 
The Role Past Performance Plays in DoD Contracting 
Eight Vital Rules for Defense Subcontractors 

SECTION 8: Helpful Information 

Preparing for a Government Contract Audits 
Important Websites for DoD Contractors 
Glossary (Subcontracting Terms) 
Acronyms (Subcontracting) 
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