Table of Contents - Dealing with Difficult People

 Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace   

SECTION I: Types of Difficult People and How to Deal with Them

• The Agitator
• The Arguer 
• The Backstabber
• The Bully
• The Bureaucrat 
• The Cad
• The Constant Complainer 
• The Drama Queen 
• The Egotist (aka The Narcissist) 
• The Evangelist 
• The Gossip 
• The Hyper Competitor
• The Joker (aka The Office Clown) 
• The Malingerer (aka The Hypochondriac) 
• The Messy Coworker 
• The Motor Mouth
• The Nepotist 
• The Oblivious (No clues, doesn’t care)
• The Pathological Liar 
• The Political Pundit 
• The Procrastinator 
• The Psycho
• The Racist 
• The Screw Up 
• The Sexist 
• The Substance Abuser
• The Sycophant 
• The Tantrum Thrower

SECTION II: Dealing with Difficult Bosses, Coworkers, and Subordinates 

• Handling Troublesome People in the Workplace
• Personality Conflicts 
• Words to Avoid 
• Avoidance Techniques 
• Adapting to Your Workplace Environment
• Using the Subtle Approach 
• CAUTION: Gossip Always Backfires!
• When to Use the Direct Approach 
• Approaching Leadership with the Problem 
• Dealing with Difficult Subordinates 
• Dealing with Cliques in Your Workplace 
• Five Major Causes for Bad Attitudes among Employees 
• Dealing with “Marginal” Employees 
• Administrative Actions to Deal with Difficult Employees 
• Dealing with Workplace Harassment 
• Dealing with Bosses Who Threaten and Bully 
• How to Cope with an Erratic Boss 
• The Danger of a Contemptuous Boss 
• What if Your Boss Is Threatening to Fire You? 
• Dealing with Threatening and Dangerous People in the Workplace 
• Should You Stay or Should You Go? 
• You Deserve Better! 

Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace
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