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How to Search for Civil Service Job Openings
at Military Bases 

To search for civil service job openings at military bases and with the Department of Defense, go to:  

At the top of the Home Page (see figure below) you will see the “Search” option (1). When clicking on this icon, you will open two dialogue boxes at the top of the page. You can use these dialogue boxes to search for job openings based on (2) job title, department, agency, series, or occupation. And you can search based on the jobs’ location (3) to include city, state, zip code, or country. 

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  How to Get a Civilian Job at a Military Base

How to Get a Civilian Job at a Military Base
(How to Apply - How to Get Hired)


An alternative way to search for jobs on the USAJOBS website (see figure below) is by clicking on the “Explore Opportunities” option (4). Using this search option, you will open a list of the most urgent federal hiring needs.

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The most urgent needs fall into the categories: Mathematics, Engineering, Human Resources, Business, Industry, Contracting, Finance, Social Sciences, Medical, Dental, Public Health, Science, and Technology. See (5) figure below. 

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How to Further Refine Your Job Search

When you explore a specific type of job opportunity (in this example we will use job search for Nurses, but this same technique works for all other types of jobs), you can refine your search by one of three ways: (6) by job closeout date, agency, job title, or minimum salary, (7) by a specific federal organization, or you can narrow your search (8) by a specific location, keywords, and other advanced search filters. (See figure below.) Other advanced search filters include: armed forces preferences, students and recent graduates, applicants with disabilities, native American preferences, federal department / agency, or by federal job series. 

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          Search for Civil Service Jobs on Military Bases

Search for Civil Service Jobs